Charlie Chizzles And Pone Team Up and Go For The Top

Charlie Chizzles And Pone is a hip hop duo doing it up in the Big Apple. “Heard They With Them Ops” sounds like it’s a hood version of something that’d be Call of Duty. That one is a bit dark but things lighten up with “Call at Far Rockamerica.” It can be a little robotic but it adds something different to the mix. Things get hardcore when it comes to “Rampage” and it’s a hard hitting one that comes at you with a whole lot of aggression and passion. “Power Respect” chills things out and really puts their voice in perspective. I think the best might be “Baddest” just because it’s different from the rest and sounds more sing-song at times. However the same can be said about the fun of “Wave It.” I think we’re ending this on a good note with “To The Top” because it’s a reminder of where Charlie Chizzles And Pone is going if they keep it up. (

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