Minneapolis based band Campdark has a splash of several different genres with a masterful conglomeration of unique sounds and dynamic instrumentation. This gives them a sound that has a modest kinship reminding you of monks chanting in a temple but also adds an edge that incorporates an eerie sound that’s quite frankly hypnotic. The electronics added in are very well placed that pop out at you as an unexpected surprise that at first feels as though it doesn’t belong but as you continue to listen, you realize that it is a brilliant ratio of creepy and whimsical.

Campdark has mastered how to create an engaging intro to a song that is so interesting that you have no choice but to listen on and then you are engrossed. There’s no walking away from this album without the feelings that make it linger on into the rest of your day. These songs like, “Dixieland”, “Arm Are You Ok”, and “Bad News” have so many different facets of sounds and lyrics and instrumentals that just stay with you long beyond the end of the song.  

Overall, Campdark is a band that have the most unique and compelling sound I have ever heard. They’ve changed the way music is done and they have created a sound so far outside of the box that it’s mystifying. I absolutely loved this album and the eerie yet calming effect that this album produces. They have also completely mastered creating new and interesting intros that throw out the hook and good luck to anyone who is not reeled in by this masterfully talented band. I would rate them a 10 out of 10. There are not very many bands that surprise me anymore but this one definitely put me in a position to where I now feel that I HAVE to own this album and I will be following them from this point forward.  


Reviewed By A. Lien

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