CalDoJa ReviewCalDoJa is an actor, director and even finds time to be an emcee. “CalDoJa City” featuring Christoph has a rock feel to the hip hop. The music gives you a full band feel rather than a beat. Christoph is back to help out on “The Good Die Young” rocks it out as well while delivering the rhymes. It reminds me of when Puff Daddy would team up with Jimmy Page and Travis Barker. Stepping away from Christoph, “The Anomaly” comes at you and really relies on the lyrics and aggression they’re sung with. There’s a definite passion behind CalDoJa that’s not to be questioned. That fervor takes a little break and gets a little laid back, for CalDoJa, with “Miami.” It’s not your Will Smith version, but a more street homage to the Florida city. If you’re into hip hop that comes with a big dose of attitude and skill, check out CalDoJa. (

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