C-Reed Is The Next Best Thing Coming 2 Rap

Bryan, Texas — Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 — Upcoming artist “C-Reed” is on a journey to be the missing link to what the rap scene needs. Being one of many talents coming out of the Bryan/College Station, TX area, C-Reed awaits to take the music industry by storm. Touching in on real-life situations most fans can relate to, from making drastic decisions just to be able to provide, to living lavishly in paradise.

C-Reed can hand down be a household name for anyone who’s a music lover. But truthfully, his core fans are those who have been impacted by hard times, those dealing with deep depression, and those who need that sense of empowerment. C-Reed is all about everyone “winning”, as he portrays in his most recent single “We Can’t Lose”. Which can be found on YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music,  etc.

Nowadays we face the most of all the hardest of times/ let’s all escape to that one place you’d spend the rest of your life/ where the beef is something less on your mind/ everybody got that happy place they go 2 get away sometimes, so can we get a break.”

Quoted from his hit single “Paradise”. C-Reed displays a positive message for everyone to have no worries, take a chance to enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

Soon wanting to start his record label, C-Reed knows it takes time. So until his break, his dedication and passion continue to grow. The guy can take pages of the music he has recorded or just wrote to soon be recorded and make an in-depth novel of his life, thoughts, and opinions. He feels all he needs is a platform and ears that want to listen, in order to give his point of view and change the world of music.

Even away from the studio, C-Reed wants to spread positivity. He carries his work ethic with him everywhere and still makes time for the most important thing which motivates him overall, and that’s family. C-Reed has more than it takes to skyrocket to the top, with 16 years experience in songwriting and he has done his research on the many different ways to be successful in the music industry. All in all,  the people want great music and when the world gets to hear what C-Reed has to offer, he’s guaranteed to have everyone wanting more.







Chris Reed

Source: ArtistPR Press Releases

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