C.E.O. Business – Livin’ Life

C.E.O. Business – Livin’ Life

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Since beginning the C.E.O. Business project in the summer of 2011, Mike Davis Jr. has worked mightily to sharpen his performing and songwriting talents to a razor sharp edge. The results of six years worth of hard work and dedication pays off on songs like his latest single “Livin’ Life” and he stands out from the pack as a potent new talent with something to say all his own. It is likely true, as the Bible says, that there’s really nothing new under the sun, but what do you do if everything’s been done? The answer is you be more resolutely yourself than anyone else could be. You possess the singular spark that helps your voice stand out in a crowded field of pretenders. Mike Davis Jr. accomplishes this with the C.E.O. Business project and “Livin’ Life” is a single release that positions him for an ever more promising future.

He has undeniable presence as a performer and writer alike. There are songs and artists with similar aims on the scene, but Mike Davis Jr. comes at this from his own angle, born out of his own experiences, and hits a stride that few performers do at such a young age. “Livin’ Life”, frankly, sounds like a release from an inspired veteran rather than a young man making his first serious forays into the world of popular music. If there’s any nervousness or uncertainty about what he’s doing, C.E.O. Business never lets it show. He is fully engaged with the performing persona without ever letting it become the star of the show and adeptly uses it as a way of further pushing his personal message onto the audience. The song runs a little over four minutes and thirty seconds, relatively lengthy by the standards of the genre, but few listeners will tire of his presence and the ability he shows with bringing out a strong groove that you feel in your chest.

The well rounded nature of his song deserves notice. C.E.O. Business avoids the typical pitfalls of the genre, particularly crafting only half a track, and instead gives listeners a musically and lyrically superior outing. The arrangement is powered by electronic instruments, but it never sounds mechanical and, instead, shows a strong appreciation for engaging the listener and crafting a good musical complement to Davis’ lyrical and vocal skills. He doesn’t waste a single word and imbues his performance with just the right amount of theatricality to help it further stand out. He brings an entire package to bear on the audience rather than a half thought and fleshed out effort – “Livin’ Life” resonates with a real connection to life rather than another pose from an aspiring hip hop star and has a shocking amount of artistry for a performer so young. C.E.O. Business is, indeed, conquering opportunities and each new one he exploits brings him closer and closer to his goal of becoming a household name.

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Lance Wright

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