Buhd ReviewBuhd is an emcee who comes at you hard and delivers. “Off Da Corner” comes out the gates like a whirlwind force. Buhd really takes control of the situation as soon as he can. “Come Up Off It” starts and ends before you get a chance to notice, but “Grind Hard” is definitely a show stopper. Its pace is great and will allow for even the noobs of hip hop to follow along. The hype comes with “Wat’s Happening” and then things get cool with “Just Landed.” I like the hint of island intertwined with Spanish in “Ya Yo” in the hook and chorus. Simplicity is what you get with “Made It.” It’s very easy to learn since the hook is quick and to the point. So if you like your hip hop really abrasive and raw, check out Buhd. (https://indy.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/29477/buhd-trap-season.html)

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