Bringing Back Authentic and Refreshing Hip Hop Rhythms: Artist-Activist Optimistic Unveils New Single

Breathing life back into the tried and tested Hip Hop and Rap genres, rising artist Optimist is set to amaze the music industry, as he energizes listeners with his unique and exciting new single, “K.M.A”.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania– June 21st, 2021 – Breaking away from the mainstream Rap and Hip -Hop scene, rising singer and song writer, Optimistic is staying true to his name, spreading light and positivity through music. An eclectic artist, Optimistic’s musical compositions are a refreshing new take on the genre, with memorable song writing and upbeat soundtracks that inspire and enthrall listeners.

With the release of his new single, aptly titled “K.M.A”, the budding artist rekindles hope, light, and the unbreakable spirit of perseverance in the face of the many life struggles that entrap everyone. Aiming to reach new audiences to motivate, Optimistic intends to change the focus of Rap from hurting people and disrespect towards catalyzing collective positive feelings and sentiments. With this focused drive, Optimistic is aiming to create positive drill music, staying true to himself and his distinct musical sound.

With tracks such as “Unbreakable” and “K.M.A”, which he unveiled in 2021, the growing artist continues to showcase a distinctive musical flow, captivating listeners with a diverse vibe, which is different from the current wave of Rap. His throwback, nostalgic vibe infused within a modern twist makes him stand out from other contemporaries today. With each new release, Optimistic aims to grow towards his central goal of showing people that originality still exits in music, and he can bring Hip Hop back.

“Most listeners feel energized and refreshed, my fans tell me daily how wonderful and positive my music is,” says Optimistic regarding his new single.

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Mark Anthony Tadlock Jr., known better by his stage name Optimistic, is an up-and-coming
Hip Hop singer and song writer. A 31-year-old North Philadelphia native, Optimistic always had interest in music, but was mainly inspired by the Hip Hop genre, and its power to tell stories.

With time, his interest in Hip Hop evolved, along with his Rap flow. Gaining notoriety through social media and multiple music platforms, Optimistic has been doing all that it takes to become a sensation in the genre, while staying true to his roots. Currently, the dynamic artist has four singles out, mainly “Something to Say”, “Can You Hear Me Now”, “Unbreakable” and “Who I Do It For”.

Living his best life with his family, Optimistic is married to the love of his life and has three boys, one girl and another little one on the way. With tensions and uncertainty all around the world, the budding artist’s motto “Be Optimistic” is exactly what the industry needs and has been waiting for, and Optimistic is here to shine.



Name: Optimistic
Phone Number: (267)-699-1833
Email Address: [email protected]




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