Boule Boyz Boogie for the Bronx

boule-boyz-reviewBoule Boyz is a rap group from the Bronx in New York. They’re three men who’ve come together to make it pop and that’s just what they plan on doing. “Brand New” comes hard and sounds like a defense mechnism. It’s intimidating yet the chorus is soft. So it’s a nice balance of the two. “Big Bizness” doesn’t have those lighter moments, and is all well, business the whole time through. Almost every rapper will have a song that’s about where they’re from and Boule Boyz is no different, they have “The Bronx” and it’s nothing too out of the ordinary as far as a hometown homage. “All Black Everything” has a great back beat. The tinkling makes the heavy lyrics come across better. “Rihanna” is a hype song that has reggae feel to it, which is fitting given the Caribbean title. So if you’re into hip hop that’s clearly riddled with east coast influences and comes at you with a full force, check out Boule Boyz. (

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