Bottles Belafonte Reps the Sunsine State

Bottles Belafonte ReviewYou’d think Bottles Belafonte was from the ATL or even NYC but he actually called the Sunshine state home. “King of My World” is like a declaration song. It showcases that Bottles Belafonte isn’t messing around and that he is here to stay. The words ooze confidence and that really makes you want to stay attentive. With “For Mankind” he comes across a little softer than that first one and notes the King of Pop and has a great girl on the hook. That hook makes it likely to be a crossover hit. “Show Love” has a very raw sound to it that makes you think you’re listening to it from years ago. Remember a second ago when I mentioned that crossover thing, well “No Worries” is another example. Bottles Belafonte sounds a bit like Pac and the feminine touch has an Ashanti feel. If you like hip hop that comes across like mainstream but keeps the integreity, check out Bottles Belafonte ASAP. (

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