BooMoney’s Working Hard and Strong

BooMoney ReviewBooMoney is an emcee working hard to make the presence known. “Blow” has a good, laid back beat that could get things started. His boy Y.G. MoneyBagz hops on to help out with “GangShyt.” Together they’ve created a song that relies a little too much on the T-Pain like elements at time. It’d be nice to hear this one without the effects. In “Hard and Strong” BooMoney delivers something you could hear on a Lil Wayne mixtape. It has a really big sound in terms of the beat and music is concerned. Last up, “16 Barz” is slow to start and is the pure definition of chill. It never hits that huge mark but it’s got a good foundation. When it comes to BooMoney, he’s got what it takes and could make it if he keeps at it. (

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