Blending the Fast, Rhythmic Essence of Hip Hop With The Slow Reverb of R&B – Mr. White Dogg Enthrals in Latest Album

‘Marigold’ is an exceptional feat in rap music, with its lyricism and catchy hooks being comparable to those by top artists in the industry today

los angeles, ca — In an industry where countless artists fabricate their past and their life story for validation, up and coming singer and songwriter Mr. White Dogg is doing it differently. His story is one of triumph and perseverance. Hailing from the Harbor City section of Los Angeles, CA, Mr. White Dogg’s upbringing was as raw as it gets. However, he remained undeterred, and was adamant to write his own story and build his own legacy.

His latest album is titled ‘Marigold’, and it is scheduled to be released this summer, around June 28th. This album is not only his best work yet, it is also a manifestation of his triumph over his personal challenges in life. Mr. White Dogg crafted this album after he was released upon the completion of his 4 years in federal prison. It is heartening to see him actively ensuring that his legacy isn’t tarnished by the time he served in prison.

What makes his album unique is his brilliant poetic lyricism. Mr. White Dogg somehow possesses the ability to make all genres of music take the centre stage in his songs. Whether it is rap, hip hop, or the rhythmic reverb of R&B, all genres shine in his discography without diluting the glow of other subsequent genres. He has also recently signed a new distribution deal with Sosouth, and the upcoming album ‘Marigold’ will be his first project under them.

Mr. White Dogg has always kept it real when it comes to his music, and his fans have always loved that about him. He is an artist from the people, for the people, by the people, and he repeatedly reiterates that his music is for the streets. His music is all factual and he prefers to ensure that there is a legitimacy to all his lyrics, which makes people trust him and relate to him.

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Hailing from Harbor City, Los Angeles, CA, Mr. White Dogg  is an up and coming singer and songwriter who has been making waves in the industry with his brilliant mastery over the genres of hip hop and R&B. Fuelled and motivated by struggle, Mr. White Dogg is making his name known in an industry in which many artists are ‘faking it’ for validation and streams. Mr. White Dogg’s upbringing was as raw as it gets but Mr. White Dogg focused his attention to music and has had success in that field as well. In his time recording music, the upstart has collaborated with the likes of DJ Mustard, joe mosses,AD,RJ and the late great Nipsey Hussle. He hit a snag in the road when he was sentenced to 4 years in federal prison on gun charges. He is now out and is back to producing quality music for the world to witness.


Mr. White Dogg
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