Blending Electro trap with West Coast music: Presenting to the world Flipp from the West

With a dominating presence of West Coast and Trippy-hop music, the music style of Flipp from the West is extremely abstract, rich with off tune beats and Electro Trap

San Diego, California – June 27th, 2021 – emerging artist Flipp from the West is a true force to be dealt with in the genres of Electronic, Hip Hop, and Alternative. With the release of a brand new album titled ‘Land Full of Sharks’ on June 30th, 2021, the artist has brought his praiseworthy talent to light. He looks forward to garner the recognition and appreciation he deserves as an artist of his genres, clinging on to the hearts of music enthusiasts around the world.
Being a creator for a while now, Flipp from the West has released a total of 8 EPs on Apple Music and Spotify. All EPs, unique in their own way, came from a place of deep love in his heart for music, with his artistic vision shining through them. With singles like “Creep Creep” and “Break it Down” amongst many others, the artist has let his creative side take over completely, combined with his undying love and passion for music. When listening to his songs, you can hear and feel the passionate artist in him going all out and getting lost in his artistic zone, expanding his horizons. The direction he has taken with his sound is a blend of a whole lot of genres and influences. The music varies from Reggae music, to Electronic, Hip Hop, and sometimes Alternative. The new album has a very distinct sound, something completely new. Heavily dominated by themes of Reggae, the album gives off the vibe of West Coast Beach music.

Flipp from the West has loved music all his life, part of the reason why he associates everything happening around him with music. He claims to have music playing in his mind constantly, no matter what the situation is. With all major life events being associated with a particular song of the time, one can say that Flipp’s memories are one big music video. Apart from his music being unique, the artist has an unparalleled personality, something that makes him stand out amongst other similar artists and gives him plethora of artistic individuality. He is fond of surfing and skating, and is quite good at it. He has an unmatched style he carries around so well, a perfect complement to his aura of gangsta and general lifestyle.

Flipp from the West looks forward to continue making music and explore even more as an artist. He wants to travel the world soon, meeting fans and inspiring others along his journey to success.

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Born in Glendale, California, rising artist Flipp from the West is a singer, songwriter, and producer with incredible expertise in Hip Hop, Electronic, and Alternative type music. He is a local skater and surfer from Venture Country.
Moving to San Diego in 1997, the artist enjoyed the sunny days of Southern California while making music consistently. Flipp from the West has had undying love for music all his life, “let’s just say, music keeps me out of trouble” – he says.



Name: Flippdogg
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: (619) 617-9151
Full Business Address: 4057 Marlborough Ave 5
San Diego, California
United States



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