Black Transgender Women Bebe Ray Gardon Artist

Flint, MI — Bebe Ray Gardon Has A Google platform

Black Transgender Women

Singer Songwriters Rapper Book Author Dark Girl In The Night Part 1 on Amazon.

Born in Chicago Illinois live in Flint Michigan.


She IS all kinds music artist. She do Pop, jazz, hip hop, rap, little of everything.

Her Music is on many Music Platform.

Her music is amazing, love her music, it meaningful.

Your book Dark Girl In The Night Part 1 on Amazon. Is really good. People in the story is Wonderful.

Bebe Ray Gardon single, with a Fat cat name Strawberry.

Bebe Ray Gardon is a Bisexual Black Transgender Women Is do everything i have 2 stores and a singer rapper songwriter and book author. Doing her own thing. Business woman.

Bebe Ray Gardon 30 want to die as somebody. Not just another black transgender woman.

That why she doing everything to be knows for. Music, book and the owner of The Christian Witch Group on Facebook and Instagram.

She want to die 2 things die knows by everyone and Have a complete Google platform with my pictures and information on My Google platform.

She need a singer manager and singer coach and a music agent. That love or like her singing and type of Bebe Ray Gardon.


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Bebe Ray Gardon

[email protected]






Bebe Ray Gardon 30 Black Artist Singer Songwriters Rapper Book Author Dark Girl In The Night Part 1 on Amazon.

She is a Black Bisexual Transgender Women. Sing so many songs on many music platfoms.

She want to die as knows of everyone and not another black transgender woman just die. She want people miss her and cry and heartbreaking for her.




Bebe Ray Gardon
Name: Bebe Ray Gardon
Address: 702 father dukette blvd, Apt 217`, Flint, MI
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 8104588801
Press Kit:




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