bing-reviewBing is a rapper from Houston who works hard and plays even harder with his rhymes. “Stop Lying” is a PSA for those out there who spread anything but the T. “Heat” isn’t just what the west coast experiences during the winter months, but a song by Bing that goes hard. It starts with this repetition of a declaration and then gets to business. “Glue” really holds things together as it does things a little slow, but at least gets them done. The music sounds like it has a Middle Eastern influence, so that’s something new and unexpected paired with a hip hop flow. “Super Hyper Space Mode” isn’t as hyper as I expected it to be, it was a chill song overall. Bing is a MC who does things his way; he never rushes but always leaves you gushing for more. Check him out now if that’s what you’re into. (

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