BDK Comes Out With Latest Single, “Reasons”

Listen to BDK’s Deep and Contemplative Single Release

Sacramento, California  – BDK is a Sacramento-born rapper who believes in composing songs that embrace life’s hardships. He takes an introspective and contemplative lyrical approach touching on life’s high, lows, and everything in between. From alternative to classic hip-hop music, the rapper has a unique sound that all music lovers will surely enjoy and relate to.

BDK’s most recent release is “Reasons,” a single that invokes a sense of enlightenment with its lyrics. It has a catchy hook, influenced by the works of popular artists like G-Eazy, Machine Gun Kelly, and Mac Miller. The single stands out, thanks to BDK’s unique voice and profound lyrics. He uses the song to convey to his listeners to look up to God when things get tough.

As an indie artist, BDK has been able to freely express himself with music that goes beyond surface-level subjects. The hits include singles like “Virgo,” “Man in the Mirror,” and “Withdrawals.” BDK has also recently released his debut LP, ‘Nightmares After Midnight, ‘ which explores darker and deeper themes.
“Reasons” gives listeners a taste of rap-style music with themes revolving around the subject of mental and spiritual well-being. BDK hopes to continue making music with a gripping lyricism that will resonate with avid hip-hop listeners.

Check out BDK and his music, available on all streaming platforms for purchase and download. Listeners can also follow the artist on social media with the information given below.





Burton Taylor De Koning, or BDK, is a hip-hop rap artist who was raised in the greater Sacramento area. He found his love for music while writing and rapping during his high school and college years. In the middle of his professional sports career, Burton decided to step into the music industry as well. With some suave and attention to detail, the rapper gives all his fans a diverse sound, still rooted in the hip-hop genre. The artist wishes to use music to touch upon the relatable and deep-seated issues of everyday life.





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