Awe-inspiring Rap Tunes for the Masses: Yung Fel, also known as Jared Marcus Overton, Releases A Hit New Single

This new single is a brilliant amalgamation of all of the artist’s musical passions, creating waves in the music industry for its novelty and depth.

Oakland, California —25th March 2021- Yung Fel is a new up-and-coming artist who believes in the connecting power of music. The musician exclusively produces rap music and represents Richmond. These songs continue to inspire people from all over the globe by forcing them to face their problems head-on. All of the music stems from the deep experiences of the singer himself. This fearless honesty and self-lessness allow him to continue to enthuse listeners with his tunes.

Yung has a brilliant drive to learn new things hidden within the depth of the music that he portrays for listeners. The eclectic artist wishes audiences to gain perspective through his musical collection by making them think of their problems in depth with context. It is this kind of self-reflective and introspective music that truly syncs with the audience’s soul making them truly realize the need for musical dominance.

The rising star is deeply passionate about music production making him a unique individual in the music industry. In this sense, the musician is not motivated by material aspects of music production such as fame and wealth but more so by the immaterial satisfaction of releasing a music piece that truly speaks to someone’s heart. In this effort, Yung has tirelessly given his music album the most intimate touches, drawing from the triumphs and failures in his own life.

Some of the singer’s most hit music includes “Another Vibe”, “Strugglin”, “In The Game”, and “Trust Issues”. Each single carriers a unique lesson for the audiences, making them truly ponder over the reality of their lives through another’s person’s lens. Songs like “Trust Issues” and “Strugglin” provide a deep and personalized view into the musician’s life. In them he talks candidly about the problems that keep him up at night, thus showcasing the deep felt humanity hidden within his music.

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Yung Fel, also known as Jared Marcus Overton is a small rising musician who represents Oakland through his music. The singer has been deeply passionate about singing and music production since a very young age, realizing that the true message of the music is hidden within the most impactful rap lyrics.

Yung is often motivated by challenges and thus has used both his passion for music and his drive to learn as excuses to get into music. The rising star wishes to regale listeners with his meticulously formed musical tunes and deep lyrics. Tune into this newest single to truly understand the full force of the music that he produces!


Yung Fel
Name: Jared Marcus Overton
Address: 415 15th street Oakland Ca. 94612, 17, 17, Oakland, Ca.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 510 472 2159




Source: ArtistPR

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