Autumn Allen – Beautiful Scar


I am a dancer, actress, and vocalist from Orange County, CA. I began my career while I was living abroad in Cambodia at the young age of eight years old. I showcased my talents during an open mic event at an international beach bar in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. I discovered that I had a natural talent of performing so I entered into my first international talent competition in Phnom Penh a year later. I was welcome by an international audience of over 1,000 people. After my performance I began to develop an international fan base.

Many of my performances have been captured on video and posted on YouTube. These performances include pop songs sung in many different languages. Within a few months of my YouTube postings, the videos started to gain popularity in the international communities around the globe. In a short amount of time, my fan base in Cambodia began to soar expeditiously. I was featured in several magazines article as a young and upcoming artist.

Shortly afterwards, I was approached by MYTV television network to perform on the popular international talent show, “Like It or Not” in Cambodia. On my debut show, I performed live in multiple languages and became an instant hit. With increasing popularity, I was invited to multiple network television shows as a special guest which included, MYTV “Like It or Not”, “Mr. & Mrs. Talk Show”, “Olala”, and “Like It or Not Sunday”. I also performed live on CTN’s (Cambodia Television Network) “Modern Concert Sunday”.

Before moving back to the USA to further my education, I was invited by CTV8 HD and Phnom Penh Municipal Cable TV (PPCTV) television networks to perform in two major concerts. One live televised concert was with Hong Kong’s supreme stars Mandy Wong, Ruco Chan and Kate Tsui. The second concert was televised live in Singapore with Singapore’s elite celebrities Elvin Ng and Zoe Tay.

I’ve release my first single “Beautiful Scar”
accompany with a music video in May of 2017 and follow by my second single release “Somewhere in Paradise” in August 2017. Currently I am performing in the USA and globally. Next stop is an Australian tour.


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