Aspiring To Create Hip Hop That Heals – Dante Pirtle Astounds in Latest Album titled ‘The Hell I Know’

With poignant lyricism and stunning vocals, Dante Pirtle aims to heal Black trauma one song at a time

Minneapolis, MN — Dante Pirtle is an up and coming singer and songwriter who lives in Minneapolis, MN. Originally from East Saint Louis, IL, he has been creating music with the intent to heal black trauma one song at a time. His latest album is titled ‘The Hell I Know’, and it is perhaps his best effort at creating hip hop that heals. Released on October 31st, 2020, ‘The Hell I Know’ is an underground record involving people living in the twin cities area.

The album arrives at a momentous time in America’s history. With the brutal killing of George Floyd, millions of people have rallied across the globe in support of ‘Black Lives Matter’, and have launched active campaigns against systemic racism embedded within the roots of society. Sick and tired of the silence around the suffering and racism experienced by members of the Black community, Dante Pirtle has played his part as an activist the best way he knows – through his music. Using powerful and poignant lyricism, Dante Pirtle urges audiences to reflect and think about the state of affairs the world is in. With poetic and powerful imagery and visceral details in every lyric, Dante Pirtle forces the listener to empathize with the Black community and helps them understand the anxiety associated with the traumatic experiences that have sadly become the norm.

‘The Hell I Know’ is perhaps the most unique ambient and experimental hip hop album out there with regards to the way its recorded and the societal issues that it tackles. Bordering on the edge of ‘New Age’ and ‘Soul’ music, the album does a beautiful job at portraying the anxiety within the Black community due to trauma, and does an even better job at restoring the faith in humanity of those affected by its soulful, cathartic beats. Ensuring that the album is well-received throughout the world, Dante Pirtle involved many other beloved artists in the recording of this album. ‘The Hell I Know’ features artists such as Alicia Renee, Durbz, and Niles, artists that truly elevate the grand nature of this album to a higher level. Executively produced by Prospect Grizzly and Jeff Adams, ‘The Hell I Know’ is the album that will skyrocket Dante Pirtle to stardom.

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Dante Pirtle is an up and coming singer and songwriter who hails from Minneapolis, MN. Originally from East Saint Louis, IL, Dante Pirtle has been creating music for many years now. His discography mainly contains hard-hitting themes revolving social injustices and systemic racism. His latest album ‘The Hell I Know’ is perhaps his best one yet. Released in 2020 at the height of the pandemic and social activism against racism, the album tackles issues revolving Black Trauma, and plays its part in healing it.


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