An Extraordinary Mad World of Hip Hop and Rap: Lickity Schlick Mesmerizes with New Track “Wonderland

Lickity Schlick invites listeners to a fantastical tea party down under a land of magic and wonder, down the rabbit hole of magnetizing soundscapes and lyricism

Philadelphia, PA — March 31st, 2022 — A stunning new track, “Wonderland” introduces listeners to Lickity Schlick’s mad world of happy madness- a realm filled with fantastical beings: the Mad Hatter, Alice, Cheshire, and others.

A stimulating and riveting mix, “Wonderland” is just the latest crown jewel to Lickity Schlick’s blossoming discography. A reflection upon what took him so long to finally reveal himself and his talents to an unsuspecting world, the new track exudes a unique magical and wonderful spirit.

Letting his creative juices, good vibes, and euphoric energy flow, Lickity Schlick’s newest track is an ode to be one’s truest self- free of hate, judgements, and inhibitions. The artist hopes to become emblematic of ‘Cheshire’ or ‘the Mad Hatter’.

Wonderland” was released on January 30th, 2022, and quickly garnered 30 thousand streams in its first month. A gifted wordsmith with a knack for crafting together sweet sounds, Lickity Schlick creates everything independently, from composing rhythms to curating moving lyricism.

Hoping to help restore the light in a dark world, Schlick hopes his music will reach people and change their lives. As an idealist, a revolutionary and a rebel against the status quo, the eclectic artist is not afraid to ‘rock the boat and get a little wet’.

Lickity Schlick was born with profound hearing loss in both ears, but the artist remains undeterred by any difficulties. Hearing lower wavelengths otherwise inaudible to those with full hearing, the artist internalizes the very feeling of music. He works relentlessly to overcome his disability and rises above it, working even harder and being continually guided by his faith.

This summer, Schlick is looking forward to releasing his very first official album titled, “Evolution”, pumping out track after track.

Follow the sound of Lickity Schlick down the rabbit hole and come join him for the ride of a lifetime with Schlick and the Wonderland gang!

Check out Lickity Schlick’s website and follow the artist across social media. Follow him on all social media platforms to stay up to date with new releases and keep in touch. Schlick strives to be accessible and welcomes all feedback, helpful tips and insights anyone may have to improve his independently crafted music.




Lickity Schlick, born Joseph Schuck, is a gifted artist who hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A talented lyricist, Lickity Schlick remains inspired by the likes of Eminem, Linkin Park, Mac Miller, and others. He strives every day to overcome his hearing loss and is an advocate for the health of the mind, body and soul.

Having written several songs and poems as a child and teenager, Schlick decided at the age of 30 to shift gears and reevaluate life goals. The artist utilized his government mandated quarantine to teach himself how to create music and finally give his writing the perfect sounds. After recording the first two tracks: “Insanity” and “Dance with My Devils”, he realized exploring music was what God has always intended for him to do. He went public as Lickity Schlick almost two years ago and quickly gained traction as a rising force- preaching authenticity before publicity.


Lickity Schlick
Name: Joey Schuck
Email: [email protected]




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