Alluring R&B Music Reminiscent of Forgotten Times- Lauren Hailey Releases a Hit New Single

“Quick Reminder” is a consolidation of the prolific musician’s creative songwriting skills and composition of musical tunes

Los Angeles, CA — Lauren Hailey is an up-and-coming artist who believes in producing music that captivates the audience with impactful storytelling. This rising star is committed to creating a musical space for the unequivocal expression of thoughts and expressions that help the audience relate to one another. This relatability is what helps cement this singer’s music as distinct from all others.

Lauren has written over three thousand in only the last 5 years showcasing her true and uninhibited passion for music. The eclectic artist wants her music to immerse the listener in the warm and familiar feeling of nostalgia with a twist. It is for this reason that Lauren produces music that is reminiscent of the 90’s soulful R&B with a modern twist. She imbibes her own youthful experiences with tunes that remind her of a forgotten time; a time in which songs had both depth and simplicity.

“Quick Reminder” is the newest single in a long line of recently released music that the singer has produced.  Lauren’s sultry voice accompanied by even soulful, yet groovy musical melodies helped produce a single that automatically puts all others in a relaxed mood. This single is a reminder to slow down, enjoy, and live in the moment.

Both “Forevera Kinda Thing” and “Wifey” speak of love and longing from the perspective of a  young 21-year-old searching for meaning in life. Musical melodies and lyrics create a soothing safe space for all those forlorn hearts that ache for a love that seems ill-fitted for the fast-paced times of today. In holding on to the past, the artist helps expand on the importance of that matter.

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With over 3,000 songs written at only 21 years old, Lauren Hailey is a prolific songwriter and vocalist. The artist was born in Newark, New Jersey, but currently lives in Los Angeles. The musician has been singing and writing songs since she was able to write sentences. She has been classically trained in several musical genres including opera.

Currently, Lauren is working on her first studio album and music videos. She has released several singles that can be found on most streaming platforms. The artist has opened for several Platinum-selling R&B singers including RL from the group Next, Keke Wyatt, and Grammy-nominated artist Marsha Ambrosius. Additionally, the singer is producing and writing music for several new artists. Soon, you will see her on-screen starring in the film “Cool Girl.” When Lauren is not in the studio, she enjoys hiking, golfing, wine tasting, photography, or anything creative!


Lauren Hailey
Name: Sean Hailey
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