All Ona Bih releasing their 20th project in 4 months “Clocced In”

Saint Paul, MN — Rap group from the Twin Cities, All Ona Bih will be releasing their 3rd album this month following up “That Shit That Killed Them Kids In The Alley”. This album will only be featuring Seany Jizz & Von La Don. Shortly after that their 21st album this year will be released on September 4th titled “Vibe Checc”. It doesn’t appear they are slowing down anytime soon with a slew of projects already announced and more in the works.

A collective of artists from St. Paul, Minnesota under the alias All Ona Bih has been recording music for over 10 years. They have been a staple in the underground Twin Cities scene and well known throughout the metro for well over a decade.

There new album distributed by UnitedMasters “Clocced In” release date is August 25th. Available on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, Tital, Pandora, iHeart, Deezer & social media apps.

Working on this album with Seany J and Von, who is his best friend really makes this a special album for him. It would technically be a “Mean Team” tape but being able to finally get some of our classic songs (one even far back as one school) finally distributed publicly is such an honor and surreal feeling. Seany J and Von make timeless records, He wouldn’t trade him for the biggest rapper on the planet. Nobody can do what he and Daevon do on a record. We’re such different style rappers but we compliment each other so well and that’s what makes All Ona Bih particular special. Me and Greedy are in a league of our own and nobody else sounds like us. Yet we go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Add some Sa’Vii Krst too and that’s like a nice cup of milk.

They established AOB as a LLC and finally got to publish there music this year. Featuring over 20 artists, they are attempting never seen in hip-hop.

Having there own unique sound, they are privileged that there music still holds up. Moving down to Florida this month and branching out across the country, you’re going to want to keep your eye on them in the coming future. In particular what seems to be front man Seany Jizz (AKA Seany J) who is the only rapper in a series of albums.

Clocced In is an compilation album and the sequel to our second official project Clock In. This album will have a couple of classics never heard that’s yet to be nationally distributed, some unreleased material recorded throughout the years and new exclusive songs as well. Featuring Seany J, Von La Don & Sa’Vii Krst.

This will be the LAST ever Mean Team album! The first two are classic albums in Saint Paul.




AOB is an independent label, production company and music group. Led by Seany Jizz & Von La Don and over 20 current members


All Ona Bih
Name: Sean Lofgren
Address: 5036 Thomas Ave N, Saint Paul, MN
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 6124754338




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