After Showing His Talent In Jail, Police “Producer” Makes Big Hit With Inmate Titled “Great”

Kingston, St. Andrew, Jamaica — Since his release from custody at  jail facility in Kingston Jamaica, Christopher “Lyrical Boss” has now made the spotlight with his Debut Single titled Great after he caught the eyes of a well known Police Officer and Producer “King Shinez” CEO at Yaadiz Production Recording Label whilst he was working at the facility where Entertainer Lyrical Boss was locked up.

Lyrical Boss who correct name is Christopher Hall was being held in custody at Jail facility for over two years to answer to a matter now before the Jamaican Court, However he has demonstrated various leadership qualities and sought to motivate his fellow inmates on a daily basis through his positive thinking and motivational songs.

During his remand Lyrical Boss would get up early in the mornings, keep devotion with the other inmates, during the days he would sing his hand written lyrics and at nights he would pray for everyone before he goes to bed. Little did “Lyrical Boss” knew that his discipline and his attitude was being admired by an Officer working at the facility.

Upon his release from custody in 2021; the officer, a well known Jamaican Producer “King Shinez” calloborated with Lyrical Boss and produced his first Debut Track ” Great” that was released on February 25, 2022 on all major music platforms.

It is never too late to start a new page and i implore all persons to seek to build and nurture talents seen in our youths. No one is not Perfect as Lyrical Boss stated in his new track “Great”. In the track he referred to his listeners as “Kings” and implored them to work for the best results but prepare for the worst at the sametime.

Lyrical Boss is known for tracks such as “Ungrateful” and “Great” produced by Yaadiz Production which has been getting very good feedback from its listeners. Lyrical Boss and his management team says they are looking to see a greater reception to the Upcoming Music Video to be released later this month and anticipating a viral uproar of the tracks.

Lyrical Boss an upcoming and promising entertainer to the music industry has now made strides all across the world with his new single “Great” produced by “King Shines” Main Producer at Yaadiz Production Recording Label after being freed from Jail. He was being admired by an officer who is also a Producer and later went on to nurturing him in a positive direction will eventually lead to the production of “Great”.

Its hard to keep positive so let us give credit to who does, support the movement and stream Lyrical Boss track titled “Great” Now.




Creator of strong positive and motivational content for the Dancehall Industry. Looking to uplift and boost individual morals and stardards through music which will create better mental environment for success.


Lyrical Boss / Yaadiz Production
Name: Creston Swaby
Address: Lot 8 Camp View Avenue,, Kintyre P.O, Kingston 7, Kingston, St. Andrew, Jamaica
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 876-538-4129




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