A Voyage of Colorful Rhythms to Groove to Without Halt – JR Stuns Fans with Engaging New Track “You Should Know”

Doing what he does best, R&B singer-songwriter JR is following his musical passions and delivering hits that are both electrifying and memorable

St. Louis, Missouri — October 31st, 2022 – An R&B single unlike any other, “You Should Know,” is JR’s best offering yet. Having dropped on October 14th, 2022, the new single gets anyone lost within its beats, tunes, and flow, making them absorb every current.

A stunning track that remains very special to JR, “You Should Know,” is the story of wanting a woman you have been getting to know for a while. Infatuated by every aspect of her existence, the subject realizes that she is everything and more than what he could have ever dreamt of. With upbeat rhythms that are sure to get anyone in a buoyant mood and cheerful spirits, “You Should Know” presents a soft, heartfelt, and charming blend.

Riding a fantastic wave with his musical career, JR only recently performed at a pop-up shop for a local black-owned business, giving back to society in a unique manner. With massive engagement and a roaring crowd, he realized the extensive impact his music could generate.

An acclaimed singer-songwriter in the genre, JR’s many admirable achievements include having his first article featured in VogueSTL Magazine and having the honor of representing the Vogue family. JR continues to explore his unique talents by working in close coordination with the likes of Neyo, Kash Doll, Zaytoven, and many other A-List artists and producers.

The artist already has another EP in the works, which he plans to drop soon, and is also looking forward to performing his latest track, “You Should Know,” on October 29th, 2022. It will also be featured in an upcoming television series called “The Agony and the Ectasy” on December 8th, 2022.

“Working on ‘You Should Know’ was so much fun. I have been able to get more creative and show what I really can do. I’m bringing back that feel-good 90s music we can all enjoy. Definitely ready to be played at someone’s cookout or family reunion!” says JR on his new album.

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Marty Johnson is a seasoned R&B artist who goes by the artistic identity of JR. Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, JR began singing when he was only four years old and was a part of the children’s choir. From there, the artist learned how to play the drums and piano, exploring his skills.

Today, music remains not just a career choice for the dynamic singer-songwriter; rather, it has become a lifestyle that has helped mold him into the person he is today. Confident in his abilities but humbled by life’s intricate routes, JR hopes today’s young and independent artists never give up on their passion and witness nothing but success in their endeavors.



Name: JR
Email: [email protected]


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/luh.martyy
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Jrofficialmusitc
YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/MegaLilmarty
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4DPixvZUZ9FEqRDPRAVjRN?si=mzcmDtHbQvuxpwmQG0TLFA&utm_source=copy-link


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