A Ray of Hope for Beginners in R&B and Hip Hop: Ambitious Talent Raymouton Unearths Poignant New Single

Music, at its best and most personal level, is a medium to not only speak to the soul but also a language by which hearts connect. It is a testament to hours of hard work and creative grit and one’s personal struggles, defeats, and victories. This is how Raymouton perceives music, and how he brilliantly reflects this ideology in his impressive new single ‘Used to Be’.

Stockton, California – 26th April 2021 –  Raymouton is an up-and-coming name in the world of hip hop, alternative rock and R&B. A rising sensation, Raymouton is already making headlines left and right due to his reflective new release titled ‘Used to Be’. Raymouton has a very special and personal connection to this release. Not only does he believe he poured his heart and soul into the lyricism and imagery, but the artist also wants his fans to know that this is much more than just another R&B song to him – it is his struggles put into words for the world to see. The stark imagery provides a visceral and vulnerable aspect to his music which is rarely seen in many R&B or Hip-Hop pieces these days.

Raymouton also revealed that he deliberately ended up changing slower notes to higher ones because he strongly believes that every loss or sad memory should end on a high note and should not be a reason someone does not get to enjoy themselves.

Inspired by the likes of icons such as Drake, SZA, Trippie Red, and perhaps most of all, himself, Raymouton is determined to make the Billboard top 100 list one day. He knows the work ethic and determination that this requires, and he is willing to put it all on the line to achieve greatness. He already believes, and repeatedly shows, how his music is unique because it is personal to him and is an embodiment of his life, and his stories.

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Raymouton is an R&B singer and melodic rapper who hails from Stockton, California. The young artist started writing his own songs at a very early age and would sometimes get in trouble in elementary grade for singing at the back of his class. As an up-and-coming singer, Raymouton is determined to make it big in the industry and wants to share the ranks of his idols Drake, SZA, and Halsey.



Name: Donald Mouton
Email: [email protected]



YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_sOxmw0DpdAQvYj2P0YZvw
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raymouton_2021/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/75vYIbCQdBdUcUUWb4pxJG?si=dKemKzMhQV24Vq55zDqaCA

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