A Hip Hop Power-punch on Christmas: TuiDaShark’s fresh new EP

With an iconic grasp over the genre of rap and Hip Hop and immaculate sense and skills, TuiDaShark offers the season’s best blessing- a fresh upcoming EP to solidify his position in the fast-paced world of Rap and R&B tracks

Anaheim, CA – May 17th, 2021 – In today’s day and age, the multifaceted, widely celebrated genre of Hip Hop and Rap falls behind when it comes to soulful lyricism which offers a smooth transition between vocals and music. TuiDaShark is an up-and-coming growing Hip Hop artist who pledges to change all that. By taking Hip Hop back to its very roots, TuiDaShark, self-styled as TDS is challenging modern genres by melding and mixing tracks with groovy musical compositions, soulful and empowering lyrics and stunning, effortless transitions to produce and craft an ultimate piece.

With his new EP, TuiDaShark plans to solidify his position within the music industry and provide stunning and fresh tracks that bring fans of Rap and Hip Hop genres together to admire and enjoy his musical compositions. With two fiery, moving singles that are set to become a blast during the holiday season, TuiDaShark will provoke listeners to admire and acknowledge the bare necessities and spirit of this year and season, all while staying true to the iconic roots and character of the genre of Rap. Releasing on Christmas, the tracks are set to become blazing, top-notch hits as they become available on all major streaming platforms. Aided by the sublime production by Qloqwise, the new EP will be easily accessible through Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal and Spotify.

The album’s collaborative track, titled “Prosper” is a combination of TuiDaShark with BC and is a track that expresses both the duality of the holiday season and the efforts of goodwill in this life on earth. The solo track titled “Bounce w/ Me 2x” is one that reflects the raw, intimate and rugged aspects of Christmas days and times. Elaborating on the power of the season, both tracks emphasize how blessings and love cannot be bought from stores.





An up-and-coming singer and songwriter specializing in the genres of Rap and Hip Hop, TuiDaShark (TDS) is set to break all stereotypes as he melds and marries Rap with strong vocals and memorable lyricism. Hailing from Anaheim in California, TDS considers himself a citizen of the world- a common theme within his musical compositions and EP tracks. With four years of service in the US Army on active duty and having a strong background being part of the performance arts for more than decades, TDS is dedicated to his art. TDS is a tightrope act of satire and realism that always strikes a chord, whether through his choreography or soulful Rap compositions that are bound to make any listener admire his art.



Name: Dori

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (657) 319-5129



Website: www.tuidashark.com

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5c2eHvRbea0LJgEYiaXgNZ?si=NnDuyBYjS4mOKlb-MqPg5A


Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/p6CLNRANJNmfyr9r8

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tuidashark?s=21

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