A Gifted and Dynamic Face of Hip Hop and Rap: Don Miguel Mesmerizes Audiences with New Album ‘22’

Continually inspired to create Rap that is different from mainstream artists, Don Miguel is a breath of fresh air for the world of R&B and Hip Hop

Chicago, Il — April 8th, 2022 – A rising act in R&B and Rap, singer-songwriter Don Miguel is looking forward to captivating audiences with his scintillating new album, ‘22’. Exuding a unique musical character, the up-and-coming artist presents audiences with a distinct flow, lyrical brilliance, and song writing that captures the very spirit of the streets of Chicago.

A heartfelt new record, ‘22’ is an album for the ages, offering a rich outlook inside the mind of an up-and-coming artistic force. ‘22’ and Don Miguel’s new single, “Who Got Me” are both enriching blends of soundscapes and song writing that is inspired by the artist’s life stories, experiences, and relationships.

A mix of different genres, ‘22’ is slated for release on July 22nd, 2022, presenting listeners a positive and meaningful narrative, exuding mellow vibes. The artist’s stunning single, “Rolling Stone” amassed 30,000 views in less than 1 month, marking Miguel’s dynamic ascent up the music charts.

“Listening to a rap style that is different from other rappers… new up-and-coming artists are my motivation, [my] belief is in Jehovah God, and I am inspired by easy e and camron,” says Don Miguel regarding his musical ethos.

With his new release, Don Miguel aims to make it big on the streets of Chicago, and plans on winning the coast2coastlive event for 50,000, as well as cultivating the next best Rap album.

Stream Don Miguel’s latest releases on his official music platforms, and follow his movement, for he is a start in the making! Follow the artist on social media for updates and reach out through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.




Don Miguel is a budding name in the world of R&B, Rap, and Hip Hop. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Miguel began writing at 9 years old, with a burning passion to express his own emotions and stories through pen and paper.

At the same time, the eclectic artist was introduced to the streets and faced the pressing and tough challenge of trying to dodge bullets and make music at the same time. After being on the run for 7 years, the entrapping forces of crime caught up with Don Miguel in 2019 and the artist was framed and sent to federal prison for an attempted murder he did not commit. After being released after only serving only 2 years behind bars, the artist is back to chase his childhood dreams at the age of 34. Back with his new album ‘22’, the dynamic singer-songwriter hopes to create music that is inspired by his life and the life of crime and time.


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