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Orlando, Florida, orango — January 12th, 2021 —

New song releases by AI have spiked millions of views across multiple music platforms. With songs like, “Who Dat,” and “Bring the Alarms.” This new artist is not only looking at being the next hot topic on the top charts. He’s giving it all away!  Well not all…….but more than most!

Since a young boy AiThoughts has been helping people in many ways. Cleaning up his community, providing meals, and remodeling homes for extra cash. His family is now know for providing these sames services for his nonprofit organization Serenity’s Grace inc. They provide thousands of meals weekly to families in need. With partners and sponsors like Walmart, Orlando Magic, Orlando City, Boys&Girls Club of America,  Aaron’s, Four Seasons, Gatorade, Jet Blue and more. More info on his organization can be found below!


A major part of AI’s life has always been involved in music and events. In 2013 AI went back to college to learn more about events and hospitality to help push his nonprofit to higher ground. After building his own businesses which include event planning, staffing for corporate events, volunteer scholarship programs for college students, business development, financial classes, marketing, promotional training and services, and and and. There are a few that were missed. Bit you get the point. With all this business experience AI is now ready to follow his passion in music. His personal motto is “I Support You.” We can all see how far that gets you in life, by taking a look into AI’s support system and what it offers.

In September of 2019 AI released his first song after over 14 yrs out of the music field. After his birthday in February of 2020 he released two more songs which now have over 3 million streams. AI has now done over 5 shows with more on the schedule, all 1yr after his first release. And all through his own network and skills in business.  AiThoughts expected to release his first mixtapes called “Da Black Album”, in late March. Due to COVID-19, AI was busy providing  200 meals daily with his organization in the Orlando area. “Just People Helping People,” is a motto that all people should live by! After some planning, AI wants to have the mixtape available on Black Friday Nov. 26th.  This is one artist everyone should  look out for.

AI’s mixtape will be a mini album with one or two verse songs. Leaving room for a Featured Artist Contest set to start January 1st. Artist will get the chance to feature on the songs released. Selected artist will receive a slot on the completed album and a $1,000 prize for their efforts. Follow AiThoughts on Facebook to receive updates as the contest approaches.


AiThoughts is donating 50% of download revenue and 100% of mixtape and album sales to Serenity’s Grace a 501(c)3 to help families impacted during COVID-19 and continuing. Just People Helping People is something to do. You Can Too!





A-i-Thoughts or AI is short for artificial, intelligence, thoughts. The name is a concept. The meaning of the thoughts projected in this music are for positive growth and encouragement of all humans on the planet. Listen to the words and see the energy they hold. Hold them close to you. You are now AI.




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