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● The Chillhop Cafe is live streaming the best Chillhop 24 / 7!
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● We have a bot in the chat to answer all questions, check the list below for all commands!

▬ Bot Commands ▬
!whatisthis » Tells you what this is
!streamdown » What to do when stream is down
!latestvideo » Gives info about our latest video
!track » Shows info about the current track from
!social » Shows Chillhop Social Links
!visuals » Shows info about the visuals
!playlists » Shows all playlists.
!spotify » Shows all Spotify info
!support » Patreon info
!share » A twitter link to share the stream
!history » A link to all previously played tracks
!suggestions » Suggest albums to include in the playlist
!report » Report a track
!rules » Show rules
!update » Shows the latest update to the playlist
!copyright » Info on using our music
!uptime » Time since we started the stream
!love » Show some love for the current track
!mods » Mod application
!nightbotthoughts » Nightbot shares a random thought
!gift user » give someone a random gift
+ More coming soon..

▬ Visuals ▬
Video by Nature Relaxation: –
Thumbnail by Emily Acosta: