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Preach the Minister: “My Time, My Grind”

Preach the Minister ReviewPreach the Minister’s “My Time, My Grind” is a stellar track right off the bat. It comes in strong and the beat is reminiscent to what Pharrell was doing back in the day with N.E.R.D. in that it has this hip hop flow, but a bit of a rock beat. You could hear this one played all summer due to those elements and also the fact that it’s got a hook that makes it one of those tracks that quickly settles into the minds of anyone who comes into contact with it. If you’re a fan of hip hop that does it a little different in terms of musical make up, check out “My Time, My Grind” by Preach the Minister, out now. (https://soundcloud.com/preach-the-minister/my-time-my-grind)

DazzyRay: “Applause”

DazzyRay-ReviewIn a sea filled with male emcees, you have to work harder than others when you’re a woman in this game and DazzyRay goes above and beyond. She doesn’t play it cute like some might do with cute voices, she comes at you with a natural feel. Her lead single “Applause” isn’t for a niche market, it’s one of those songs that all hip hop fans can appreciate. It doesn’t have one set of rules it follows. But it does have a sweet beat to it and hook in the chorus. If you’re a fan of straying from the path, check out DazzyRay’s “Applause” today. (http://youtu.be/oDHo87RWyzc)