Orchestra Fuego Stokes The Flames With New Single

Baila Mi Salsa Is The Next Salsa Hit

Land O Lakes, FL – September 28, 2020 – Florida’s number one salsa band Orchestra Fuego is getting fans dancing with the release of their new single. “Baila Mi Salsa” (Dance my Salsa) is causing a sensation on the charts.

“Baila Mi Salsa” (Dance my Salsa) is the title song to their 5th production. The band brings a unique flair to the traditional salsa sounds. The high energy beats will fill listeners with energy. The band’s instrumentals showcase the talent of the ensemble, and their songwriting abilities. The single is available on streaming platforms. Add it to your playlist and start dancing.

Orchestra Fuego performs both original and familiar Latin songs by putting their distinguished mark on it. This seasoned group of musicians with over two decades of experience creating Latin music masterpieces with their immense talent and showman

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