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Colorado Rap Artist HOWELL Emerges in 2019 with a new captivating style and rythym to his new album.

Denver, Colorado — Friday, August 2nd, 2019 — Are you a Hip hop fan looking for something new to listen to? Tired of the same sounding songs about cars, money, and girls? HOWELL was too.

HOWELL newest album “The White Wolf” dropping in August 2019 on all streaming platforms brings hip-hop back to reality and tells stories of him trying to make it in this industry. Being a local artist is not easy and he wants to convey that in his newest album. Hip hop in his eyes has turned around in the mainstream and he wants to be a part of the change.

“HOWELL recites bar after bar full of raw and meaningful energy”, says Buzzmusic. Howells influences from his childhood seem to stick out in his new album. He was influenced by artists such as Linkin Park and Eminem which he mashes and twists into his versatile sound. This album includes everything from Guitar Riffs to hard bass.

While working on the album HOWELL was able to record 2 singles and shoot a music video. He was in Florida and recorded the ” No F**** Anthem” with rap partner “The Zombie” or “The OZ”. With his single “Light Up” he shows us another side, an almost softer but still with raw emotion. “Light Up” is about his perseverance and the changes he’s had to make in life to get where he is now. All in all, HOWELL has been fighting through the mud and it shows on his new album. He hasn’t given up and won’t until he reaches his goal and even then he won’t stop.

To learn more follow HOWELL on all social media and streaming outlets at https://fanlink.to/howellsmusic


HOWELL was born on Dec 16, 1994, as Austin Michael Howell in Oceanside California, then moved to Colorado when he was only 6 months old. His music is influenced by his love of Skateboarding, Graffiti, and HipHop. He started writing at 11 years old when tragedy struck and he lost his step-mom in a car accident, he used music as his emotion outlet. 13 years later his dream is becoming more of a reality.


Austin Howell
4504 S Jebel Ct Centennial Colorado 80015

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C-Reed Is The Next Best Thing Coming 2 Rap

Bryan, Texas — Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 — Upcoming artist “C-Reed” is on a journey to be the missing link to what the rap scene needs. Being one of many talents coming out of the Bryan/College Station, TX area, C-Reed awaits to take the music industry by storm. Touching in on real-life situations most fans can relate to, from making drastic decisions just to be able to provide, to living lavishly in paradise.

C-Reed can hand down be a household name for anyone who’s a music lover. But truthfully, his core fans are those who have been impacted by hard times, those dealing with deep depression, and those who need that sense of empowerment. C-Reed is all about everyone “winning”, as he portrays in his most recent single “We Can’t Lose”. Which can be found on YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music,  etc.

Nowadays we face the most of all the hardest of times/ let’s all escape to that one place you’d spend the rest of your life/ where the beef is something less on your mind/ everybody got that happy place they go 2 get away sometimes, so can we get a break.”

Quoted from his hit single “Paradise”. C-Reed displays a positive message for everyone to have no worries, take a chance to enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

Soon wanting to start his record label, C-Reed knows it takes time. So until his break, his dedication and passion continue to grow. The guy can take pages of the music he has recorded or just wrote to soon be recorded and make an in-depth novel of his life, thoughts, and opinions. He feels all he needs is a platform and ears that want to listen, in order to give his point of view and change the world of music.

Even away from the studio, C-Reed wants to spread positivity. He carries his work ethic with him everywhere and still makes time for the most important thing which motivates him overall, and that’s family. C-Reed has more than it takes to skyrocket to the top, with 16 years experience in songwriting and he has done his research on the many different ways to be successful in the music industry. All in all,  the people want great music and when the world gets to hear what C-Reed has to offer, he’s guaranteed to have everyone wanting more.







Chris Reed

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A New Style For The New Age

Dallas, Texas — Monday, July 22nd, 2019 — The music scene has a newcomer in its ranks, and he’s breaking all of the rules. Sykle, a metal rapper, and singer from Dallas, Texas, is turning music over on its head with punchy Hip Hop beats, piercing screams, and heavily distorted guitars, but also taking an opposing approach with relaxed piano riffs, chilled rapping, and flares of psychedelic music. As he prepares to make a huge splash with his upcoming record Blood And Water nobody is prepared for this slap in the face to the new wave in either Rap or Metal. Taking hold of traditional stylings from both he has certainly created a uniquely original sound.

If Hip Hop, Metal, or even Indie music is your taste then Sykle’s Blood And Water is what you need to be watching for. The record touches a broad range of music styles that allows for such a diverse sound that can only be created with a stroke of genius to merge them together properly. Blood And Water are set to be released soon in the late summer of 2019, and it will be available with every major music retailer.

Sykle talked about the record briefly stating, “Blood And Water were conceptualized to talk about the relationships I’ve had with family, friends, and enemies, and some of the things I’ve seen other people go through; both the negative and the positive aspects. The name is literally inspired by the saying ‘the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.’”

The single, Terminal, has already been released from Blood And Water and it certainly carries a full sound and a catchy hook with some interesting twists. Terminal can also be found with any major music retailer. He has also made two pre-album releases only available on SoundCloud titled, Leather Jackets (Blood) and KILL. THEM. ALL., already showing how intense this record will be.

Sykle’s Blood And Water are certain to cause some ripples in the current music scene and add a new edge to an already incredibly edgy style of music. The diversity of the record will make it something that most people will be able to enjoy.

Come check out Terminal at SoundCloud while you prepare for Blood And Water. https://soundcloud.com/syklerap/terminal





Sykle has worked with the Virginia rock band Vervain and is currently a member of the Missouri death metal band Ruins Of Decay and was also the frontman for the Dallas metal band Twice The Sun. He released his debut Chop Block in November 2018 and also released a song titled Real Hip Hop Music with Brooklyn rapper St. Laz. https://sykle.musicprosite.com/



6567 Lundy Road, Houston, Missouri 65483

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I am a Middle Eastern hip-hop artist born and raised in Southern California. I made feel good music, and something you can dance to and enjoy. Find out for yourself by checking out my music now.

Laverne, CA. — Saturday, July 20th, 2019 — Nile Rivers is a hip-hop artist from Southern California that releases a new song every month. He does so legitimately through Tunecore and protecting his music through ASCAP. His music is released to all major platforms to gain maximum exposure. He started releasing his music on April 2nd of 2019 and now has 4 songs in his catalog, which will grow every month.

Nile Rivers has a fanbase located in Pomona, CA that supports his work by allowing him to perform at local bars and venues. He brings much more to the table than just music. His charm, kindness, and ability to create conceptual music separates him from the rest. His music is found on all major platforms including and not limited to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Youtube, and Tidal. He creates and releases a new song every month to have a consistent fan base.

Nile Rivers not only creates music but brings music lovers together. His ability to find talented artists and creating with them is said to be “out of this world.” Most people that know him to say he’s “the glue that brings everyone together.” As someone who is loved by his community and peers, he also brings that same energy into the studio when it comes down to business. He is currently an independent artist but is looking to make a name out of himself by putting himself out there in as many ways as he can.

Nile Rivers has been making music for over 10 years and is now ready to share his works with the world. His ambitions are high and his work ethic even higher. He is a pleasure to work with and will do anything it takes to put his name on the map.

In conclusion, Nile Rivers is the “next big thing.” With new music releasing every month, his listeners are always looking to what he will do next and who he will be working with. He creates a huge buzz on his Instagram social media platform and makes efforts you see in not only an ambitious musician but also a business pioneer.

Take a listen to his latest song “Shine” where he talks about being a hip hop artist without all the stereotypes that go along with being one.





Nile Rivers is a Middle Eastern independent hip hop artist based out of Southern California. He creates music that speaks his true nature with lyrics/melodies/compositions that can be enjoyed and appreciated by the masses.



Nile Rivers
Nael Khoury
6767 Colina De Oro, Laverne, CA. 91750

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Artist Noels Drops ‘Cool Vibes N 16s’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Brooklyn, New York – July 25, 2019 Fresh out of Brooklyn, Artist Noels is representing east coast hip hop with R&B flare on his latest release, Cool Vibes N 16s, out now.

Nine tracks deep, Cool Vibes N 16s is an album that works on multiple levels. It’s one listener can get down to on their own, but also one that plays well when it’s time to go out and have a night out with the crew. Songs like “That’s a Bop” and “Wild Out” have sick beats that fans of the likes of Chris Brown and Tory Lanes will appreciate.

What’s also special about Cool Vibes N 16s is that Artist Noels just doesn’t lay down rhymes, but also sings throughout the record. Much like Drake, he intertwines his skills successfully but also touches a lot on recovering from heartbreak.

Never afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and sing or rap about it, Artist Noels delivers all of that and then some on his 2019 release, Cool Vibes N 16s. For those looking to add a new hip hop to their playlists, review the album, or interview Artist Noels on their site or podcast – reach out using the information provided below.

Listen to Cool Vibes N 16s here: artistnoels.hearnow.com



Artist Noels is making major moves in 2019 with the release of Cool Vibes N 16s.

Artist Noels
Curtis Smith

Hear Now: http://www.artistnoels.hearnow.com
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/artistnoels


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Montaz Reps Philly Down South with a Pair of Solid Mixtapes

Da Underground and Behind Enemy Lines Out Now


Suwanee, Georgia – July 16, 2019 – While he may live in the south now, Montaz comes through with a sound that represents not only his Philly roots but his wide array of influences growing up from Big L to Smooth Da Hustle to Wutang to Eminem. All of that and then some went into making not one, but two new mixtapes available now; Da Underground and Behind Enemy Lines.

Da Underground and Behind Enemy Lines boast confidence and charisma on a cascade of tracks that showcase exactly the type of emcee Montaz is. Songs like “Fuck Ya’ll” and “Fuck Everyone” off Da Underground reflect Montaz’s anguish while Behind Enemy Lines“Bandwagon” and “Lyrical Exhibition” explore his way with words and artistry.

A fan of hip hop since he was in diapers, Montaz grew up loving the genre more than anything. As he moved from one side of Philly to another and eventually down to Georgia, hip hop was always his way of escaping reality when times got tough. At 19 he finally decided that instead of just taking it in, he’d create his own with hopes that one day his music would be the solace of another.

Montaz is currently busy promoting Da Underground and Behind Enemy Lines, while simultaneously working on his debut, D.A.M.N., which features the lead single “Horror English.” Those interested in adding Montaz’s music to their playlists, reviewing it for their site, or interviewing him can reach out via the information provided below.


Montaz is a Philly born emcee who now resides down south. To date, he has two newly released mixtapes and has his debut album on the way.

Lamonte Harvey

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/_montaz_
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_montaz_
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/montaz94
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgsHxOijFmZ3zYzXYoIud6g
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0euPvM3HESk0r9M0D7ob9Z
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/montaz/277058422

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6est7 – 6ROKEN

“Music makes me happy!! Like I don’t know what it is about it but it makes me move. I just love a great song and awesome vibes” – 6est7 

The inspiration for 6est7 ‘s new album “6ROKEN” has to do with everything and everybody around him. If you are a fan of legendary musicians such as The Weeknd, Drake and others like them, this album is a must have for your Hip-Hop collection. The vibes he gives off is nothing like what I hear today.

“For some reason music allows me to say what I want but just with a beat behind it!”, says 6est7. He views this album as the avenue that gives him the freedom to express what he really wants. Those of us who are working all day from 7-7 and have to keep a closed mouth (no profanity) can surely relate.

In case you were wondering about the artist’s unique name… It is actually his last name which is “Best”. He turned the “B” in best to a “6” and added “7” at the end. “Everything I do I just gotta do it different or if not different… special.”

Buy the album 6ROKEN here or connect with @6est7 on Instagram.



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Kush Koma Entertainment Brings Variety

kush reviewKush Koma Entertainment has a lot of talented artists in their roster and they all get to work and do it up. “Hustle” is where we begin with Rick Porter, Project Boi and Shak Taylor. It has a southern feel to it as it has this laid back but hype feel to it with the lyrics coming across in a raspy but melodic way. With “Turn Up” we get a more lively yet aggressive track that you would hear alongside the likes of Lil Wayne on a mixtape. It seems like every time we turn a corner Kush Koma Entertainment is delivering something new. We started out raw, went to the club and are now focusing in on the more heartfelt side with “Hard.” It’s clear that Kush Koma Entertainment has their finger on the pulse of hip hop and come with every type of the genre in their back pocket. If you’re just love rap music, make sure to check in with what Kush Koma Entertainment are working with. (http://www.fukwitmerecords.com)

Preme Dibiasi Goes from the Inner City to the Top

PREME DIBIASI ReviewPreme Dibiasi came from the inner city and rose up to be the man and artist he is today. “Flex Zone” is a great song to put on when reality is getting to you and you need to unwind. You can lose yourself in the words and the sick beat. When it comes to “Drippin,'” this one is more for when you want to get up and move about. Not like in a crazy way, but in a party vibe way. In “Real4eva” the tickling of the notes in the intro intrigue you and make you curious for what’s to come. It’s that suspense that makes this track a stand out. As the songs continue to play, “2NYTE” is a more playful track than the rest and balances out his style. If you’re a fan of artists like Drake and Tyga, check out Preme Dibiasi now. (http://www.premedibiasi.com)

Goofyy Gets Serious

Goofyy ReviewGoofyy has the pipes and rhymes to get things done. “Lets Make a Movie” is a really cute love song. It’s a new way to say you want to be with someone and it’s precious. “Stay Wit Yo Man” showcases good vocals, while “Motivation” has a very chilled vibe to it. Things really get good with “Behind Close Doors.” After “Movie,” this one ranks high on tracks you can check out from Goofyy. Rounding things out is “My Life.” It’s an honest look to end on. If you want an artist that blends R&B and hip hop seamlessly, check out Goofyy coming at you straight from the Midwest. (http://www.reverbnation.com/goofyy)