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Kush Koma Entertainment Brings Variety

kush reviewKush Koma Entertainment has a lot of talented artists in their roster and they all get to work and do it up. “Hustle” is where we begin with Rick Porter, Project Boi and Shak Taylor. It has a southern feel to it as it has this laid back but hype feel to it with the lyrics coming across in a raspy but melodic way. With “Turn Up” we get a more lively yet aggressive track that you would hear alongside the likes of Lil Wayne on a mixtape. It seems like every time we turn a corner Kush Koma Entertainment is delivering something new. We started out raw, went to the club and are now focusing in on the more heartfelt side with “Hard.” It’s clear that Kush Koma Entertainment has their finger on the pulse of hip hop and come with every type of the genre in their back pocket. If you’re just love rap music, make sure to check in with what Kush Koma Entertainment are working with. (http://www.fukwitmerecords.com)

Preme Dibiasi Goes from the Inner City to the Top

PREME DIBIASI ReviewPreme Dibiasi came from the inner city and rose up to be the man and artist he is today. “Flex Zone” is a great song to put on when reality is getting to you and you need to unwind. You can lose yourself in the words and the sick beat. When it comes to “Drippin,'” this one is more for when you want to get up and move about. Not like in a crazy way, but in a party vibe way. In “Real4eva” the tickling of the notes in the intro intrigue you and make you curious for what’s to come. It’s that suspense that makes this track a stand out. As the songs continue to play, “2NYTE” is a more playful track than the rest and balances out his style. If you’re a fan of artists like Drake and Tyga, check out Preme Dibiasi now. (http://www.premedibiasi.com)

Goofyy Gets Serious

Goofyy ReviewGoofyy has the pipes and rhymes to get things done. “Lets Make a Movie” is a really cute love song. It’s a new way to say you want to be with someone and it’s precious. “Stay Wit Yo Man” showcases good vocals, while “Motivation” has a very chilled vibe to it. Things really get good with “Behind Close Doors.” After “Movie,” this one ranks high on tracks you can check out from Goofyy. Rounding things out is “My Life.” It’s an honest look to end on. If you want an artist that blends R&B and hip hop seamlessly, check out Goofyy coming at you straight from the Midwest. (http://www.reverbnation.com/goofyy)

Marc Hearn Intertwines Just Fine

Marc Hearn ReviewMarc Hearn is an artist from Texas who knows the importance of intertwining the best of both worlds. “Ca$h Jackson” featuring R.O.T.M. is a nice mix of R&B and hip hop. The hook being smooth like chocolate and the rhymes coming through fast and solid. “Better Stop” Keeps the soul flowing. It sounds like something you’d hear alongside Usher and Ne-Yo on a mixtape. CMG hops on to help out on “Coming Dine.” The hip hop comes back in action and really carries this one from start to finish. If you like artists, who can soothe you with R&B and get you going by incorporating that hip hop feel, check out Marc Hearn now. (http://www.jango.com/music/Marc+Hearn?l=0)

D.J. Ace and Much Finesse Tear It Up Old School Style

D.J. Ace and Much Finesse ReviewYou can hear New York in D.J. Ace and Much Finesse’s music, it’s that apparent they’re representing the East Coast. “Meant To Be” featuring Godchild’s Amanda Rains and Dianna Porter has that Neo-Soul vibe going on with a base in reality. They pick up the pace with “You Can’t Get Wit’ This” and have a more hip hop feel. It’s not Queen’s, but GIZA and D.J. Ace and Much Finesse to their thing with their own kind of “Pressure.” They drop the guest spots and just keep it simple with their selves on “Corner of the City” and they shine. It has a very old school hip hop aroma and you can’t argue that’s not a great way to come across. If you’re into old school hip hop that has a Neo Soul vibe at times, check out D.J. Ace and Much Finesse now. (http://www.reverbnation.com/djacemuchfinesse)

Tikki Famouz: “80’z Babi Anthem”

Tikki Famouz ReviewTikki Famouz just made the ultimate song for those who are self-professed kids of the ’80s. “80’z Babi Anthem” is a high energy track that doesn’t dive into the decade, but more rather just offers up a quick, fast paced song for those who are ’80s babies to enjoy. Tikki Famouz is a hip hop artist, but she really dives into a new style with this one a bit, but remains fresh while doing so. So if you’re an ’80s child and like to move it, check out Tikki Famouz’s “80’z Babi Anthem.” (http://www.reverbnation.com/tikkifamouz)

Undeniable’s Undeniable

undeniable-reviewUndeniable’s music is fact based hip hop for the purists out there. “Zero To Sixty” has a great hook that really makes you stay connected from start to finish. Napoleon Da Legend hopped on “Strap Up” to help out Undeniable. Together they take this one to the next level. The remix of “Pound Cake” reminds of me of Nas just because it’s so serious and straightforward by serving up reality realness. He worked with Joski as the producer on “There You Have It” and it’s a little intimidating but gets the point across. If you’re in the market for some real hip hop, check out Undeniable today. (http://undeniablemusic.com/home)

Esquire The Great: The Book of Esquire

Esquire The Great ReviewLet’s get into what Esquire The Great has going on with “The Book of Esquire.” “Get My Piece” sets things up for a hip hop filled time, but on serious side of things. He has Reeno on “They Don’t Know Me” and it’s a good one, but then you also have “D.B.D.” on two great joints – “Hands On Your Knees” and “Diamonds In My Rims.” Back to his solo stuff though. “I’m On It” showcases some of Esquire The Great’s high points and biggest strengths, as does “I’m A Warrior.” When it comes to the best of the best on this one though, it has got to be “Top Of The Globe.” It was that hook and the whole package that really made this one the crowning jewel of this record. It could be on the radio yesterday. If you’re into artists like T.I. and Drake, check out Esquire The Great’s “The Book of Esquire” today. (https://soundcloud.com/bernard-esquire-lee)

Neec & Zo: BootCamp The Mixtape

Neec ReviewNeec and Zo got a new mixtape out and they’re ready for you to take it in. So let’s dish about “BootCamp The Mixtape.” “BootCamp” comes across strong and that’s because it is. When “Oh Boy” comes around there’s a back and forth between spitting out things fast and taking it down, so it’s like this up and down. With “Never Lose It” you get one of the best off “BootCamp The Mixtape.” “Bad Guy” comes across like a mystery at first but once things get going, you can’t help but bob your head along. There was nothing comical about “I Think Its Funny,” but it was a good song nevertheless. If you like young emcees like Drake and Tyga, check out Neec and Zo’s “BootCamp The Mixtape” right now, like right now. (http://www.audiomack.com/album/zo-3/bootcamp-the-mixtape-1)

Press Start, A-Button

A-Button ReviewA-Button is an up and coming rapper looking to you get your attention. “Chop It Off” utilizes Pac Man sounds with hip hop and it’s truly the best, and it goes well with his monkier. That one will be hard to beat but others can try. Others like “Black Out.” It’s a little fierce but didn’t quite go there. “Foul Play” on the other hand plays in an okay manner with a lot of shout outs to pop culture references. Then you have “My Homies Still” remix that is nothing but high energy from the moment you hit play. It’s sure to wake even the most tired in the group. “Born Stunna” is okay, but like “Black Out,” there could’ve been more of a punch to it. A-Button has what it takes, but just needs to go a little further with things. “Chop It Off” is where I’d like to hear all of his tracks be. (https://www.youtube.com/user/pressthatAButton/videos)