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That Boi Hot Proves His Name Right

that-boi-hot-reviewThat Boi Hot is an MC who has heart, but also has a lot of power to keep it beating. “Gourmet” is about feasting on the selection of women as if they’re spread out like a buffet. The song sounded like things were layered on one another in a confusing pattern. After that song, I wasn’t expecting what came with “Fallen Rose.” It was as heartfelt as hip hop can get. It’s one of those songs that you listen to a few times to catch every line and emotion. That sensitive break comes to an end as “Walk Around” starts to play. This track walks in with a lot of attitude and a lot of oomph to back it up. The lyrics are easy to learn, but it’s the music that keeps you from walking right past this one. The pace is picked up with “I Got That” and this one may be the best you get from That Boi Hot. It’s hyper active and never has a bad moment throughout. I’m not sure what “That Pink” is about, but I do know that it’ll be stuck in my head the rest of the day. Warning, if you’re not the type who’s into humming a song all day, listen to this one with caution. If you’re into rap that’s all about keeping an audience hyped, check out That Boi Hot. (http://www.reverbnation.com/thatboihot)

K-Loe Creates The Story

k-loe-reviewK-Loe is not only a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia but a true storyteller. The music video for “Boston George” plays like a movie with a plot line set forth at the beginning and a storyline. That peaks your interest the whole time while the music plays as a fitting soundtrack. The song has a hard beat that follows a great story, but paired with such an involved video — it takes more than a few listens to catch everything in the song and the video. Take a part of your day to check out and take in K-Loe’s “Boston George.” (http://www.itsmyurls.com/KLOE)

Da Natural Beast’s Layered Look

da-natural-beast-reviewDa Natural Beast is a former Army man who does what he can to bring a layered effect to the world of hip hop. “Hope It” sounds like one of those songs that accompanies a video that’s done very raw and showcases a real take on life. That seems to be the way all his music plays out. It’s got that street documentary feel, especially in “The Mineral.” Da Natural Beast knows how to play up the upbeat tracks though with songs like “The Confidon” and “Down on Lynch Street.” Something a little different comes from “This Is My Attack” though. The pace is kind of somewhere in between the hyper beats and the laid back street feel we talked about first. If you’re into MCs who are dynamic, check out Da Natural Beast. (http://www.reverbnation.com/DaNaturalBeast)

T Villa Makes the Motor City Pop

t-villa-reviewT Villa has a lot to offer when you visit his Soundcloud page. There are a lot of tracks to choose from, but the following are the ones that stood a little taller next to the rest. Right out the gate “Callin Me” showcases what T Villa is working with; precision and great lyricism. He shares the stage with Biz on “Those Days” for this slow jam that has a R&B twist. That seems to be his secret weapon, tagging on the sweet sounds of R&B. He goes hard though on songs like “All The Time” though, so don’t assume he relies heavily on one genre or the other — it’s a good mix throughout. The same goes for “Heavy Made” as well. T Villa reps his hometown and makes it proud from start to finish with “Detroit Made” featuring Stretch Money. If you’re into young MCs who sound like they’ve been at it for years, check out Detroit’s T Villa. (https://soundcloud.com/tvilla-1)

Madi Gra Gets In Your Face

mardi-gra-reviewMadi Gra is an MC who likes to keep the pace while being in your face. “T-Shirt” featuring BackYardBand, Miss Titi & Brave interweaves a lot of artists into one song that sounds professional and stands high thanks to a feminine hook. With Uno by his side on “Raw” Madi Gra keeps things going on a high note with the well, raw energy. When you see the name “OJ” you tense up because your mind goes to that one guy in the white car in that high speed chase, but then you can relax because this song makes you forget any taboos that come with those initials. “Load Em Up” featuring Garvey and Big G plays into what you love about certain hip hop; that idea of flashy lifestyles. Phat Rabbit and Dave Mo help out Madi on “She A Freak.” This one goes out to all the girls out there who might fall under that label. It almost sounds like Lil Mama is on this track. “Ima Crank” is a party anthem song for sure. The repetition allows for you to get lost in the beat instead of the lyrics and it goes hard. If you’re into hip hop that’s about a good time, but plays a little rough, check out Madi Gra. (http://www.madigra100.com/)

Cain Onetwoone Plays It Smooth

Cain-Onetwoone-reviewCain Onetwoone is a MC who can be hard as ice, but smooth as butter. “Sh!t Freestyle” featuring D-Mac starts out sort of futuristic until the lyricist drops in with intimidation. That feeling fades when you get to “Slow” featuring some help from Mi’Ahni. It’s much easier on the ears and flows like a radio hit. It’s fast and fun, and has a good hook to it. Woo Child hops on “All Gone” for a good, wild time that results in what could be likened to a summer anthem. Woo also sits well with Cain Onetwoone and Young Haze on “I Got It.” It keeps energies high as the fast delivery comes through loud and clear. You may want to end up Cain Onetwoone’s girl when you hear “Go 2 Girl.” He goes from the street to the romance section in the now defunct Blockbuster. Then there’s “Go To Work.” That’s a statement maybe two people in the world want to hear, but it’s a song way more would want to hear on a daily basis. If you’re into MCs who bring it, check out Cain Onetwoone. (https://soundcloud.com/cain-onetwoone)

S.Jonzy Remixes The Hits

S.Jonzy-reviewS.Jonzy is a MC who takes the Top 40 and does it his way. S.Jonzy finds time to put his twist on hits like “All Falls Down” made popular by Kim Kardashian’s fiancé aka Kanye West. When it starts, it’s unrecognizable and then you can hear S.Jonzy come in with his verses. West’s parts are eliminated and just the hook is in use. Then there’s another one, this one by West’s good pal Jay Z and Justin Timberlake. Yes, S.Jonzy took on one of the biggest hits of 2013, “Suit & Tie.” He makes it a bit more street than the duo did with more rhymes. When it came time to remix Wiz Khalifa, he did well with “The Race.” He made it a pleasurable experience. It’s clear that S.Jonzy is a skilled MC who can take on the hits with ease. He has a song from “A Goofy Movie” on his Soundcloud page and 90s minds are waiting for it to be remixed. So heads up S.Jonzy, we’re all waiting for that one anxiously. If you like rappers who can take what you love and make you love it even more, check out S.Jonzy. (https://soundcloud.com/sdotjonzy)

Rymelo Turns It Up

rymelo-reviewRymelo AKA Melo is a MC who dabbles in R&B from Jefferson City, MO. At the tender age of 12 he set his sights on music when he began singing and writing his own music. Now he’s not only an artist but at the forefront of Hard From The Heart Entertainment. He shines in the spotlight, but never minds sharing it with fellow artists. “Money N Bitches” with Melo joined by Banks and Gumbo kicked things off slow, but then Melo turnt it up on his own with “Buddy.” That song is one that can easily get stuck in one’s head in an instant due to the repitition. Melo teams up again with Banks, but adds Lil J to the mix with “All Day N All Night.” For all the people being on it, it’s slow like the other collaboration. Melo definitely picks up the pace when he rides solo, like in “Yall Ain’t Messin Wit Me.” You can hear him taking center stage and it powers his flow into overdrive. It seems like Melo prefers to work most with Banks, “making movies like Tyler Perry” in “I’m On It” is one of the most memorable lines from everything in Melo’s catalogue; so good. If you’re into hip hop that has a communal feeling, check out Melo. (http://www.hardfromtheheartent.com/artist)