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Doing it Up with Big

big reviewBig does things big time. “Gift” is about the present and has this very old school, almost ODB feel to it. With “Wanna Get To Know Ya” the vocals have a very audible Biz Markie vibe. It’s like he took speech classes. I’m not entirely sure what “Slab” is about but it’s a great catchy treat. Then we roll onto “Ain’t No H*** in My Blood.” This one really changes things up and lightens things with the vocal sounds in the hook. Last up, “Lot of Pain” is where it’s at. This one has a really great feminine touch to its hook that makes it stand out against the other tracks that came before it. If you’re a fan of artists like Ice Cube and Dre, check out Big today. (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=1371499)

The East Coast Gets Brighter with DC Da Champ

dc-da-champ-reviewWant a rising star? Look up and check out DC Da Champ. “Dreams” has a very east coast feel. You can always tell when you have a song from the Big Apple. Here it’s a little obvious thanks to name dropping the city, but also because of the well constructed, less thug-like appearance of the beat. With “Nuyorican” you get a new term that I’m sure 99% of the population isn’t that familiar with. This one picks it up but stays grounded and doesn’t go overboard too much. The attitude starts to rear its head with “Ready or Not” thanks to the aggression coming through at a fast pace. We slow it back down and things get really interesting with DC and “This Ain’t No Sing Along.” The intro throws you a curveball but things smooth out beautifully in a Nas-like way. Hi boy Nate Vokalz jumps on a track that has a popular term in the hip hop realm, “Ride or Die.” All in all this emcee has his cards stacked up right and can strike at any moment because it’d be right. If you like what makes the east coast hip hop scene pop, check out DC Da Champ today. (http://www.dcdachamp.com/)