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Dwayne Davis: “Why U Wanna Kno”

dwayne-davis-reviewDwayne Davis is a rap artist who has a very important question for you. “Why U Wanna Kno” is basically a straightforward track about asking why people are up in your business. It has a lot of sass, but also sounds like it could be a comical track as well. Like, you could see SNL doing a digital short to it after being tweaked a bit. If you like hip hop that gets to the point, check out Dwayne Davis, and that’s all you need to know. (http://youtu.be/sCpVQiuntaM)

Young’s Ready for Your Close Up

young-reviewYoung is coming hard for you, so watch out and take notice. “H.G. Substantial” comes on strong and makes this emcee undeniable. With “The World Gone Love Me” scales it back a bit and it’s as abrupt as the last and takes an easier path from the speakers to your ears. Then he brings it back up with “Murder” and rapid shout outs to Rihanna. The best from Young has to be “The Devil Is A Lie.” It showcased the most passion from this emcee and really captures your attention from start to finish. If you like rappers like Tyga and Wiz Khalifa, check out Young today. (https://soundcloud.com/theycallmeyoung-1)

D-Edge, on The Edge of Greatness

d-edge-reviewD-Edge started out as a DJ on the radio and now has his sights set on having his songs spinning on the FM dials. Like a cat “9th Life” comes strong for you. You can hear the confidence in that one from the start and that plays over and out through the rest; like in the piano driven beginnings of “All Day” and the very hard “Controlled Substance.” You get a bit of a more laid back version of D-Edge with “How I Feel.” The pace and his delivery aren’t as BAM! It’s more of a chill free zone. His pal Smiley hops on “RockaBye” for a more upbeat track. It serves for a track that’d get you moving. If you like hip hop that’s chalked full of great beats and attitude, check out D-Edge ASAP. (http://www.mtv.com/artists/d-edge/)

Deposit Some Time in ATM

atm-reviewATM is an emcee who with a lot under his belt who just wants you to dig in. “Macho Man” starts out with a conversation, but then drops into a song that has a beat like an old school track, but the lyrics come through with a modern likeness to it. His vocals are great and never let you down. Then you have “Last One” featuring Kallay and Rasta Kelly. It starts with this almost reggae feel but then that quickly dies down and it has a very hip hop feel that is strong. You can live out your fantasies with ATM and Dame Vegas’ “Hit the Lotto,” while adopting “Player of the Year” as your own – if you feel you deserve that title. “Lotto” sounds like a darker, less radio friendly Ludacris. ATM brings forth a force to be reckoned with his music and it’s great for those who like hip hop that’s harder than most. (http://www.yungatm.com/)