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Get Serious with Jordy McFly

Jordy McFly ReviewJordy McFly doesn’t play around. “It’s Easier to Smile” is a chill track that doesn’t pop off at any point. It’s all about showcasing the rhymes instead of the beat and you can hear Jordy is a true emcee in control of the lines that spill from his lips. In “Concrete Jungle” we hear more of a an aggressive side of the rapper. He isn’t coming at you hard, but the words he’s delivering pack a punch. Listening on, we get this slick feel when “Look What You Left” and it continues the whole way through. This one really felt east coast to me. It had this pristine Brooklyn sound, something more modern like a Nas track. If you’re a fan of hip hop that doesn’t rely on tricks but thrives on talent, check out Jordy McFly today. (http://tinyurl.com/hge3qd4)

Get Caught with Trap City Records

Big Beautiful ReviewTrap City Records has a cascade of talent ready to be discovered. Young Fresh is first out the gate with Big Beautiful by his side with “Let’s Make a Move.” It has a fresh sound that blends hip hop and an urban take on pop that you’d hear from the likes of Chris Brown and Ne-Yo. The two team up again, but this time with Young Swagg  for “Go Getta.” This one has more of a sensual vibe as it starts off nice and slow, but has this slick bounce to it that makes you think of Ciara. Big Beautiful steps out with Ben Holland for “No Love” and we hear a more vocal performance here where the singing is center stage, and takes control of the situation. It’s clear Trap City Records has a lot of talent under their umbrella and it’s time the world took notice of this rising hip hop empire. (https://soundcloud.com/big-beautiful30)

Your Main Man Maine

Maine ReviewMaine showcases that east coast sound with this cascade of tracks. “The Chase” has a really New York in the 90’s, listening to Nas on a mixtape vibe. It’s very chill and straightforward while “2 On” with Ray Reid and Zik has more of a club feel thanks to the beat it encompasses. In “Forbidden Fruit” we head back to where we started and you get that this is an artist with a style that’s really unlike what we’re hearing in today’s music. He’s more throwback. If you’re a fan of rap that is more laid back and chill, check out Maine today. (https://soundcloud.com/maineboo08)

Moneys World: “Letter to My Savior”

Moneys World ReviewMoneys World’s “Letter to My Savior” is a heartfelt song that combines the artist’s love of rap with his admiration for the man upstairs. It’s a great song that is well produced and really showcases his skill set when it comes to lyrical content. Those who find themselves loving the lord as well as rhymes will love what Moneys World’s is working with when it comes to “Letter to My Savior.” Check it out now and keep up with what’s what when it comes to this rising emcee. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-dGQNbGNqw&feature=youtu.be)

Get In the Know with A.G

A.G ReviewMany like to pretend they know about hardship to seem like they have an edge, and those people are quite annoying. You know the type, they almost always have a sob story about a divorce when you’re standing there never knowing your dad. Well A.G is an emcee who made me think about that when his “What The Know Bout” blasted through my speakers. It sang that notion loud and proud and it was picture perfect. In reality, that would be all he needed to make his presence known – but lucky for you he has more than that on his plate. The apparent thing about A.G is that his rhymes come out fierce. That was apparent in the first track and even more so in “Pouring The Syrup.” He does however have a soft side and that can be heard in the more romantic, “Can’t Leave You Alone.” If you’re a fan of rappers who keep it real, check out A.G now. (https://soundcloud.com/slum_boy_ag)

TTwyce Flips the Norm

ttwyce reviewTTwyce is a pair of friends who fell for one another and now they’re taking their great teamwork and putting it to good use with a dynamic you don’t see every day. We’re so used to hearing a rap song with a female singing the hook. Ja Rule and Ashanti scored numerous number one hits with that format. That’s where TTwyce differs. Tameeka Wells actually takes on the rhymes while Terry Haskins gives us a pile of soul. Listeners can hear their unique take on the game with songs like “Equal Justice” as well as “When I’m With You.” They also shine with hits like “What’s The Next Move” and a shout out to the place they call home, “Brooklyn.” Those who love when hip hop meets R&B effortlessly, check out TTwyce today! (http://www.ttwyce.com)

Devin Roman: New Roman City

Devon Roman ReviewWe start out strong with Devin Roman and his “Bout Dat Action.” It’s a laid back track but it’s the track that keeps on giving in that the quick parts that come in spurts give it some pep and life. In “Da Money” we continue on the same path. It’s clear that this emcee likes to take it slow and doesn’t overdo it. He’s not about the flashy hip hop that’s more so for the jokes in sororities, but more so for the purists that like that true hip hop sound. That’s apparent in everything from “Bossed Up” to “Bandz Shawty” to “Trap House.” If you’re the kind of person who likes your rap served up raw, check out Devin Roman now. (http://www.devinromanmusic.net/)

Bigg Tiny Serves Up Big Rhymes

bigg tiny reviewComing out with “Fuc Da Patron” with Bigg Tiny and his confidant, Gwapdondollasign J Bonafied. This track has club written all over it. It’s not a hype track but it has a love of movement in a chilled way. In “Goin Ham” is the opposite in that it has more energy and the hook could make it perfect for getting turnt. Being from southern California, it’s no surprise Tiny has a joint about it. “California What It Do” has this beat to it that has a wild west feel. It’s subtle but catches your attention as Bigg Tiny lays it down. California natives are all about the state pride and may have a new anthem to stand behind. This is the best we’ve heard him sound and this is the track he could ride to the top. If you’re a fan of hip hop that doesn’t play but is all about a good time, check out Bigg Tiny today. (https://soundcloud.com/bigg-tiny)

Darkimdadon: “Ghetto Livin”

Darkimdadon ReviewDarkimdadon’s “Ghetto Livin” isn’t what you’d expect. The hip hop of it is much lighter than one would think when it comes to how it starts out. While it starts out light, the imagery and the rhymes that follow are anything but. It really showcases the modern day life for people in America from the #BlackLivesMatter movement to sex workers in the inner city. It’s quite an interesting track with a great message going on. If you like social conscious rap, check out Darkimdadon’s “Ghetto Livin,” out now. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCKGIKNn9yA)

Get Down with J-Madic

J-Madic ReviewJ-Madic is coming at you with a couple of mixtapes and a whole lot of talent. “Guap” is a simple song. It’s not hard to learn and the simplicity of it makes it get stuck at the core of your thoughts but it’s not all about the hook. It actually has some pretty interesting choruses that have meaning. That’s just the tip of the iceberg with this emcee though as he has a couple of mixtapes under his belt like 2014’s “Madication” that features the likes of the very energetic “No More Hold Ups,” the chill ways of “Encore” as well as the hype of “That Guy.” He also has last year’s “Sick” which has an appearance from Star Money on “Oh Me” as well as the freestylings of “Seen It All” and “Real is Back.” If you’re a fan of artists like Juvenile, check out J-Madic and get some. (http://jmadic2012.wix.com/sbentertainment)