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Burna Gramz Lights It Up

Burna Gramz ReviewBurna Gramz is burning the competition. “Get It How You Live” comes at you with a solid piece. It doesn’t play games and right to the point. It has this very stern feel all around and is on point. In “Get By” we stick with that stern feel but he loosens up a bit thanks to the back beat. It’s not a song for the lighthearted though. Burna Gramz showcases the reality the streets serve up in his verses and rhymes through and through. We get scholarly and a little philosophical with “Dreams” as it opens with this monologue or sorts borrowed from elsewhere. When that raps, in comes the man of the hour to deliver a very easygoing joint. From the start, Gramz has been real with what he has to stay and I feel like that essence never drops off, especially with “My Time.” If you’re into rap that comes with a stern southern twist and a heavy dose of reality, check out Burna Gramz and find his latest on iTunes now. (https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/burna-gramz/id958770131)

Burna Gramz: Survivor Mixtape

Burna_Gramz_Survivor_Muzik_reviewBurna Gramz’s Survivor Mixtape is one you’d want to have on your side if there was ever a hip-hopcaplypse. The intro makes you feel the music before it even starts and by the time “Catch Up” featuring Nick Rio comes through, you’re onboard. It doesn’t try too hard and is just enough to kick things into gear. What was best about “Ghetto Dreams” was that it was more like that social conscious hip hop than thing life. It reminded us of Wu Tang Clan a bit. Burna Gramz got some help from J-Murph and Jay Atlas with a song with the same feel as the last on “Tales From The Hood (Sleepin With An AK).” J-Murph is back with Burna Gramz for “Crime Pays” and they prove they’re a force to be reckoned with, not only on those two but the chilled “Doobies.” If you’re in need of a new mixtape to spin, check out Burna Gramz’ “Survivor Mixtape” now. (http://www.datpiff.com/Burna-Gramz-Survivor-Muzik-mixtape.562596.html)