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Mitch: #TYFN Thank You for Nothing

mitch-thank-you-for-nothing-reviewMitch’s “#TYFN Thank You for Nothing” has a lot of great elements to it and is worth your time. “The Power” has its ups and down; it’s like a flickering light that way. “Stone Heart” has an intro that keeps you in anticipation until Mitch comes in and brings it. Then you get to “They Talkin'” and it goes slow, but it’s effective in getting its message across that people run their mouth. The title track, “TYFN” is definitely one of the best on the whole record. It’s got this huge opening, so much so it sounds like a theatrical hip hop performance. The music alone makes this track pop. If you’re looking for different, then you should tune into “Gone Wrong.” This one has a great twist to its plot. When it comes to chilled hip hop, look no further than Mitch and his album “#TYFN Thank You for Nothing.” (https://soundcloud.com/moneymitchmm)

Slim: “MNM: Money x Motives”

slim-reviewSlim’s “MNM: Money x Motives” is a record all about chilling with those herbal refreshments set to superb beats. In case you were wondering, Slim is “Official.” It’s a very radio ready track that’d do well thanks to the lyrics that come through crystal and sets the tone for the rest of the record. This is a guy who thinks highly of what he can do, and it’s that confidence that’ll play a part in getting him to where he wants to be. “Smoke My Trees” has an unexpected start, especially after you come out of a hype track like “Official.” I guess if you’re going to have a smoke session, you’d want this more laid back song as your soundtrack. When you come to “Chillin'” you get another chill track – which is obvious by the title. One thing is for sure with Slim and “MNM: Money x Motives,” it’s a well produced piece of work and if you appreciate attention to detail in your hip hop, check him and the record out. (https://www.audiomack.com/album/livin-da-life-records/mnm-money-x-motives)

Rizzo: Exile

rizzo-reviewDown in Dallas, Texas you’ll find Rizzo and his latest hip hop filled EP, “Exile.” “So Easy” is simple and to the point, while he starts to show some hometown pride with “My City.” People of the Lone Star state who love them some hip hop will love this one. Rizzo gets some help from a friend, Javon, on “To the Crib.” This one has an R&B taste to it. He also has another friend on “2 Cups” featuring John Doe. Between the two with features, this one sticks out more for the mere level of energy alone. Whether you’re a Texan or not, Rizzo’s “Exile” is for anyone who likes their hip hop extra big. (https://soundcloud.com/Rizzo214)

Kaby: Just Because

kaby-just-because-reviewKaby’s record “Just Because” is totally unlike anything in the hip hop realm right now and should be appreciated. “Tea Time At The Apollo” has this omnipresent start that sends chills down the spine and then the cool delivery sets in and it plays like a person who knows they have got that it factor and it goes into a sample of Mariah Carey’s “Make It Last” which was unexpected but a delight. “I Don’t Know” follows that same cool beat but this one doesn’t have as much swag as the last. You come to expect a calm demeanor from Kaby but “Crazy, Happy Times with You” sounds more like the start of a black and white foreign film with its melancholy intro, rather than a rap song. It’s quite beautiful and the difference makes you only appreciate this record more. Others in the game could learn a lot from the song structure found on “Just Because.” If you’re into hip hop that goes the extra mile and makes something worth listening, check out Kaby’s “Just Because.” (http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2014/02/kaby-pa-lit-just-because-ep)

Ne Ne Goon Teaches the Goon Life

ne-ne-goon-reviewNe Ne Goon’s “Welcome2Gooniversity: Goonin 101” is a hip hop record that showcases the skills of a young emcee that has a tight handle on things. The first two songs are an introduction of to the artist “#Goon In” and “#NeNeGoon.” Their purpose is to let you know NeNe is here and ready to play. Then a lot of the other songs play like a guide into the “Gooniverse” as they incorporate the name…”Gooninterminology,” a spoken word lesson, and “Goonin.” They aren’t all about that Goon life though. You also have club tracks like “GetIt” and “SwaggJackin.” If you’re a fan of hip hop and adopting a lifestyle along wioth your music, check out Ne Ne Goon and that Goon life with “Welcome2Gooniversity: Goonin 101.” (http://www.datpiff.com/NE-NE-GOON-WELCOME2GOONIVERSITY-GOONIN-101-mixtape.434503.html)

Lil-Mayhem Walks the Extra Mile

lil-mayhem-reviewLil-Mayhem is a 24-year-old emcee from Texas who’s now calling Oklahoma City, Oklahoma home. “Nature” is a neo-soul delight that takes huge hip hop turn. “Miami Vice” has the rhymes but the best part of is if that there are actual vocals involved and the rapping doesn’t override it. They play well together. “I Gotta” is fresh while “Off Tha Liquor” brings the energy and sounds like a radio ready single. Speaking off, he also offers a remix of the Owl City “Fireflies” track. He remixes the hook and adds his sense of style taking the pop hit into a hip hop piece. If you’re into young emcees working extra to make their presence known, check out Lil-Mayhem. (http://www.jango.com/music/Lil+Mayhem?l=0)

Starranko: The Manhattan Project

starranko-reviewStarranko’s “The Manhattan Project” offers up a wide variety that all falls under the hip hop umbrella. “Hallelujah” name drops a lot, but all in all “screams it out like Kendrick” while “Real Love” continues to use others name — Kelly Rowland for example. There is a big difference here though. This one goes harder in the beat. “Gucci” lightens it up in both the subject manner and the beat. “Hands Up” speeds it up like the “Fast and Furious” franchise, just as “Just Us” slows it down in the best way possible. The truth about Starranko is that he can bring it in any way shape or form — so long as it falls into the hip hop category. He can go hard, but soften it up in an instant. It’s all good with Starranko, so if you like variety from artists check “The Manhattan Project” out now. (https://soundcloud.com/starranko/sets/the-manhattan-project)

Elijah Mauldin: Speakerbox

elijah-mauldin-speakerbox-reviewElijah Mauldin’s “Speakerbox” is one of those hip hop albums that comes as a surprise; a pleasant one. He intertwines elements from al l genres to make his rap stand out. “Rock Solid” starts with what you think is going to be this classical sound and then Elijah slams in and doesn’t stop. The rhymes come hard but they actually have a clear perspective on life. Like the last, “Baby” starts out soft and again the words come through in a clear headed manner. He’s fast and fierce but without being intimidating. “Life Is Good” almost sounds like it could be this adult contemporary song but then Elijah comes in and does his thing. It’s an interesting mix of his rap style and the music that could be attributed to any genre except hip hop. It’s always cool to hear rappers taking chances and succeeding. If you’re into artists from Common to Drake, check out Elijah Mauldin’s “Speakerbox” now. (http://www.youtube.com/user/mauldin69/videos)

Ej the Witchdoctor: The United Race Ov America

ej-the-witchdoctor-the-united-race-ov-america-reviewEj the Witchdoctor’s “The United Race Ov America” is an album for hip hop fans who like their music a little different. “The Real Hood” has a beat that lingers in the nu-soul side of the spectrum, but the delivery is based in hip hop. So you kind of get this wonderful, eclectic sound that may remind you of Outkast. “LoudPack” follows that same page, but has a little bit more attitude, as does “Imma F**k Wit You” and “Run S**t.” Then we go back to the soulful sound with “Gotta Be in Your Heart.” Ej the Witchdoctor is all over the place, but in a manner that’s structured out well enough to follow. If you’re into hip hop that’s packs some soul into it, check out Ej the Witchdoctor’s album “The United Race Ov America.” (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-united-race-ov-america/id632822235)