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Smoke: Kendall Jenner – Who Am Eye?

Smoke ReviewSmoke’s latest “Kendall Jenner – Who Am Eye?” is out now and we’re getting into it. It starts off with a slow jam, “Root Of All Evil,” and then picks up with a what sounds like a radio favorite, “Letter 2 God.” As we roll along, “Pu$$y Game” starts off kind of rocky, but finds its footing in the end. It’s definitely a song that would make someone blush. As soon as that one ends and we think this is all about being a player, but then “I Need You” comes through and showcases some heart. In “Music Industry” I expected to hear more digs at the realm, but it was a little light. In the end Smoke has a great set of tracks in his bag on “Kendall Jenner – Who Am Eye?” out now! (www.datpiff.com/SMOKE-Kendall-Jenner-Who-Am-Eye-mixtape.741856.html?utm_campaign=piff.me&utm_source=&utm_medium=piff.me)

D.P.: The Way Out

D.P. ReviewRap doesn’t have to be all about the bling. Some of it can be about something a lot more, like spirituality. That’s where artists like D.P. comes in with his album “The Way Out.” A decade old, the record is timeless. Each track stands out like a classic like “A Man.” It’s sweet R&B flare really tells a story while “Fill Me” takes us to a more hip hop side of the artist. In “Power in His Name,” soul, hip hop and belief marry one another to come together for a stunning, and beautiful track. “The Way Out” sounds like a song the whole congregation could join in during service. 15 tracks deep, “The Way Out” is a great album for those who like to listen to more uplifting hip hop. Check out D.P.’s latest now. (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dphiphop)

MaC Dee: Kim

MaC Dee ReviewMaC Dee’s “Kim” starts with a traditional intro and then goes into “What?” featuring Noble. It doesn’t have a traditional flow to it. The rhymes come out in this unstructured manner but it works. As the chorus rolls through, it’s like a mixture of monologues and music. With “On U” we get a bit of a funky meets R&B vibe with the music and because of that, the words come through in a finer manner than the last. The title kind of makes you expect it, but MaC Dee and Vanhook’s “Magical Woman” does have this magical touch in the beats used. Almost a throwback to ’90s R&B for a second. Don’t adjust the volume when “Understand (Karma In Magnitude)” comes into play. It will start soon enough and when it does, you’ll have one of the best on “Kim.” In the end “Keep It Movin'” caps off the record with a ’70s feel that MaC Dee makes come full circle back to the present day with his delivery. If you’re a fan of hip hop that plays well with classic R&B, check out MaC Dee’s “Kim,” out now. (http://indy.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/35767/mac-dee-kim.html)

Iceolated: Confidential Evidence 2

Iceolated ReviewYoung G aka Iceolated dropped a new mixtape called “Confidential Evidence 2” and it’s as dope as could be. Right out the gate Iceolated does it up with “G Thang.” Sampling one of Eminem’s best, “What You Done To Be” pays homage to the classic with the beat and the aggression in the delivery is on point as well. You can hear that the emcee is passionate about every word he spits out. With “Pretty Boy Swag” I was expecting a lighter tone, but instead that same angry vibe is going on.  Then with “My Best Friend” the tide changes with the music at least. All in all “Confidential Evidence 2” is a record that does not lack in the passion department. Iceolated is an emcee with a mission and he’s clear with it. Check him out now if you’re a fan of artists like Machine Gun Kelly. (http://www.datpiff.com/TG-The-Beast-Confidential-Evidence-2-mixtape.720276.html)

Joe Cash Mahall: 2 Sides 2 Everything

Joe Cash Mahall ReviewJoe Cash Mahall’s latest mixtape “2 Sides 2 Everything” jammed packed with tracks so let’s get right to it. Sean Kyd hops on and helps out with the intro, “Long Time” and here we get a feel for what’s to come on the rest of this mix. “Moving” starts out subtle but then gets into the action as does “Heaven Knows,” only with a funkier beat. “The Message” takes us to the street and then we are taken aback by the cascade of talented friends Joe Cash Mahall has from Cory Jones to Tory Lanez. This is a mixtape for hip hop fans who are into acts like Big Sean because Joe brings it hard, but still can be fresh for the mainstream folks. Check out “2 Sides 2 Everything,” out now. (http://indy.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/35405/joe-cash-mahall-2-sides-2-everything.html)

Kapitol HP: Head of State

Kapitol HP ReviewKapitol HP’s “Head of State” is a hip hop record that is the soundtrack for a night out from the homie’s house to the club and back again. The title track kicks this record off with a note and then gets into the music that would be the soundtrack to any block party. “Steady Hustle” brings to life a similar vibe from the last while “2 for Me” featuring EnCrowd G is more like a song you’d hear if Chris Brown teamed up with the likes of Tyga. Kapitol HP brings what he declares a “strip club anthem” to the table, or rather stage, with Bryan Jones. Together they’ll make booties clap with “Face Down.” From the ladies on the stage to “Diamond Girl,” this song sounds like it could still be be the perfect fit for a gentlemen’s club down in Atlanta. Last up is “Looking in the Mirror.” Here we’re given a more in your face approach to hip hop. Kapitol HP is on the hunt in this one. If you’re a fan of the St. Louis rap scene, check out its rising Kapitol HP’s “Head of State,” out now. (https://kapitolhp.bandcamp.com/album/head-of-state-3)

Jackson Myers: Underprivileged

Jackson Myers ReviewJackson Myers’ “Underprivileged” is not what I expected, but it definitely exceeded expectations. “Lyons Square Park” starts with this ominous intro that goes straight into a reality charged outlook on life. You don’t get the artist but the man Myers really is with this. With “Jordans On A Saturday” featuring aReJay Ella, it’s not what I expected. I thought based solely on the title that this would be a lighthearted track about some kicks. Instead it is a passion fueled piece broken apart by Ella’s bursts of soul. The music takes a break with “Taking Names” as it’s a well spoken track. Then we’re back with the chilling “Heavy Metal Rally,” while we close out with “Villania/In My Time Of Dying.” The last track brings us full circle with a sense of elegance throughout. Those into social hip hop will want to check out Jackson Myers’ “Underprivileged,” out now. (https://soundcloud.com/jacksonmyerslives)

Staxkz: Separation Anxiety

Staxkz ReviewStaxkz’s “Separation Anxiety” mixtape is jam packed. “Educated Ignorance” starts the record off with a blast. Without seeing what this emcee looks like, you can hear a since of youth in his voice. Not in a way that he is all about fun, but just he has a young sound like he’s in the same game as Tyga and Drake. The title track starts off a little funky, but in a good way. It kind of just sits in the middle, but “I Know” gives off an energy that’s electric. In a way that Drake would kickstart a track, Staxkz plays on a laid back club feel to get this party started. This one has radio written all over it. He’d be smart to take this one to the masses. The same can be said of “The Long Way” and “Gone Ham” featuring his boy B Lanes. As the record progresses, you hear highs and lows from Staxkz and get into some aggression here and there, like with “Who With Me.” “Separation Anxiety” is a versatile hip hop record that should be on your “must listen” list at the top. So note that and check out Staxkz now. (http://www.datpiff.com/StaXkZ-Seperation-Anxiety-mixtape.450855.html)

Page and Powers: The Sky Is Where You Fly

Page and Powers ReviewPage and Powers’ “The Sky is Where You Fly” has more heart than a cardiologists office. The record opens up with the title track.  It’s a positive message surrounded by a chill beat. It’s not uncommon to hear a love song in hip hop, but it’s not the norm on every album. That’s where Page and Powers differs with “Beautiful You Face.” It’s sweet and sentimental and a new side to get to know. That sentiment continues out throughout and then there’s a special shout out to the parents out there. “Remembered Always” stands out for the subject matter – most definitely. It’s interesting to hear a song about mothers and fathers. Usually it’s one or the other, or neither. All in all, this is now a hip hop record that has street cred in mind. There’s a lack of club hits, curse words and aggression – but it’s hip hop – just on a different page. It’s written with heart and is a delight. if you like your rap with some feelings, check out Page and Powers’s “The Sky is Where You Fly,” out now. (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/pageandpowers1)

Dossman Thomas: Dossman, Thomas EP

Dossman Thomas ReviewDossman Thomas has a lot going on, but it all shapes up and meshes well. “Give ‘Em Hell!” has a fun feel to it and will remind some of what Mac Miller’s been spitting out. That frat rap vibe. With his buddy Zach Kramer by his side on “Love,” he really changes it up and gives us a track that has a more seductive demeanor. One would think “Nosebleed” would have this aggressive beat but really, it’s like Neo-Soul music intertwined with some attitude. Tino hops on “What To Do” and that seduction is back, but not in the lyrics. Lyrically this sounds like it could be the theme song for every 20-something. “Said A Lot” brings us back to that Neo-Soul but the vocals match up this time around. In the end Dossman Thomas has a lot of elements to his sound. He’s one part soul, a hint of frat and has a dash or two of sass that creates a sound that everyone from fans of Mac Miller to Wiz Khalifa would enjoy. So check out his record, “Dossman, Thomas EP,” out now. (https://soundcloud.com/dossman_thomas/sets/dossman-thomas-ep)