Ludacris – Back For The First Time

Ludacris is trying to satisfy your fantasies with some southern hospitalities. But does he suceed? Dirty South hip hop has recently been blastin off. Outkast, Nelly, Slim Cahoon and here we have Ludacris. When I got the Ludcaris album, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I think Outkast are different, and I like their style. However, in my opinion, Nelly is wack, and I haven’t heard much from Slim. I’d only heard Southern Hospitality before the album, and that was something I thought to be an average tune. Well, luckily, I wasn’t dissapointed with it. Ludacris comes in this album with a mixture of phat, beat driven tracks, with some nice emceeing to match. Production includes big names like Jermaine Dupri, Timbaland and Organised noize, and most of the others are laid down by a cat in Luda’s click, DTP (Disturbing the Peace) called Shondrae. Ludacris himself lays down a couple of tracks down on the production, but mainly sticks to the mic. Other appearances on the mic include UGK, Infamous 2-0, 4-Ize and Pastor Troy.

Lot of different producers on the album, but similar styles throughout.

There’s a lot of good things about the album. The production is mainly tight (although there are a couple of track that’ll just make you reach for the hi fi remote), the vocals are laid down nice and clear, the choruses are quite catchy and the guest appearances are a welcome addition. However, some of the tracks, like I just said, could have been left out of the album, quite ironically, the ones produced by Luda himself are the weakest on the album in terms of the beat and tune. Hood Stuck, for example, is monotonous, and adds nothing to the flava of the album. Seems like a filler track that would have been better somewhere else…. maybe in the bin? The other track Luda produces, Catch Up, isn’t too bad, but I still feel he could just pass the production onto someone else and stick to his lyricism. Another criticism of the album is the lyrical content. Whilst most of the emcees on the album can lay down a decent verse, most of the tracks are based around one thing:- sex. Now, I generally don’t like flossers, so in most cases I’d dismiss Ludacris as ‘just another Jay Z’ who can’t stop talking about women and money. But what saves him in this case is his attitude towards both. Imagine a Dirty South ‘Snoop Dogg’ and it’s basically Luda. He don’t give a fuck about thoses hos is the general attitude. And that’s good. It just makes me laugh (check out the track ‘Ho’ – clever rhymes about hos). Ludacris is a talented artist, but please make him stop producing.

I’m glad I chose to get the Ludacris album. Whilst maybe not a classic album, it definetely brings some kind of variety into my collection. His flossin attitude could do with a bit of toning down, and maybe the content of his tracks could be changed (oh, and give up on the production Luda), but overall this album is tight. You can get into most of the tracks easily, and if you got a bangin system in your car, you can pump it easy with the kinda beats dropped on this one. On another note, the skits on the album are some of the funniest I’ve heard for ages (even funnier than the ghost weed skits on the AOI album from De La Soul). Def Jam South are starting out on a strong note with this one. I’d buy this album if I were you, but I’m not, so go buy it anyway. 2001 – Luacris lays down a phat album, with only a few flaws. Go get it.


Vocals: 8

Production: 7

Value: 8

Track Listing:

1. U Got A Problem?

2. Game Got Switched

3. 1st & 10 – (featuring Infamous 2-0/Fate Wilson)

4. What’s Your Fantasy – (featuring Shawna)

5. Come On Over – (skit)

6. Hood Stuck

7. Get Off Me – (featuring Pastor Troy)

8. Mouthing Off – (featuring 4 IZE)

9. Stick ‘Em Up – (featuring UGK)

10. Ho – (skit)

11. Ho

12. Tickets Sold Out – (skit)

13. Catch Up – (featuring Infamous 2-0/Fate Wilson)

14. Southern Hospitality – (featuring Pharrell)

15. What’s Your Fantasy – (remix, featuring Trina/Shawna/Foxy Brown)

16. Phat Rabbit

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Guru – Baldhead Slick And Da Click

Gang Starr fans who heard about Guru’s solo project were probably excited. I mean, just looking at the production team is almost enough to cop the album. Alchemist, DJ Spinna, Ayatollah, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Biggest Gord, P.F. Cuttin, and Stoupe laid down some joints for Baldhead Slick and his click to rhyme to. Put your keys back on the wall, though, because the pool of mediocrity in the production, as well as the plague of subpar guest appearances, will make you think twice about wasting your gas. The most important question to think about as Guru entered his solo project was, “Can I truly survive on a 19-track LP (that’s not Jazzmatazz) without every beat being created by Premier?” And every single Guru fan had to ask themselves the same question. It depends upon which crowd Guru is trying to appeal to. If he plans on pleasing the gangsta rap crowd, the same cats who would still buy a Ruff Ryders or Mo’ Thugs compilation album, then yes. If his idea is to make music for the heads that have bought his music for over a decade, then no.

It’s not so much as that he’s just turned wack over time, but instead, there’s so much monotony and studio gangster lyrics that’s it’s one of the few Landspeed releases that’s just too hard to enjoy. Take the album cover, and the artwork on the CD itself. You’ll see Guru in an attempt to pull off some tough guy poses, while he’s on the CD showing off his tattoos. Since when was this Guru? It’s almost as if Guru is doing what Q-Tip did right before A Tribe Called Quest broke up. Guru is going out on a complete limb and making music that his true fans simply don’t want to hear. This dark, dreary cumulus cloud does have a silver lining, however. The production is a little above decent all the way through the album, which is what dilutes this tall glass of monotony into something that we can all swallow a little easier.

The bangers are “Back 2 Back” produced by Premier who laid down some dope cuts for the beat, too. “In Here” is the b-side to Guru’s first 12-inch, sporting an ill beat by Alchemist and some decent guest appearances by Timbo King, Killah Priest, and Black Jesus. Ayatollah most definitely knows how to lay a beat down, and proves it with “Cry”. The song title has you hoping that Guru will come more diverse, maybe on a more emotional topic, but no luck. It’s actually one of the better songs on the album because he’s solo and not surrounded by three or four of his click. Pete Rock is up against Stoupe for the best production on the album. The Pete Rock produced “Pimp Shit” features Kaeson and Kreem.Com, who both bring a nice flow to the song along with Guru, and spit pimp-inspired lyrics over the perfect beat. Stoupe continues to show that he’s a true beatsmith with “War Tactics”, which is the best song on the album quite easily. The guest appearances are on point with New Child, who spits perfect over the quick beat, James Gotti and Tha Outlawz’s Fatal Hussein. The chorus includes some dope cuts with samples from Vinnie Paz and Esoteric, plus sound effects in the beginning and end are perfect.

Unlike “War Tactics”, almost the entire remainder of songs on the album exhibit poor thuggish lyricism that doesn’t mix too well with Guru’s sometimes passive voice. For long time fans, this album is certainly going to be something out of the norm for Guru, yet it’s nothing new to the hip-hop genre. If Guru would have spent less time trying to prove he’s a hustling thug, and spent more effort toward punking fools like he does on Step In The Arena, it would surely have been a respectable album.

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Beats4U2Rapp2.Com – Beats 4 U 2 Rapp 2 Volume 5

“Served up with explosive rhythm, this album delivers something every artist will value, and every fan will enjoy. Aggressively progressive beats that truly inspire the thoughts of listeners.”

This beat compilation features 55 minutes, 48 seconds of highly captivating sounds, baselines, drum patterns which are packed into a total of 10 appreciated beats.

Tru B Boys ( beat 1 – KP ): This beat is rather mellow; however, backed by a banging, hard hitting drum loop. Definitely produced for the laid back emcee. Moderate change ups pertain to sound effect use, leaving the beat cruising on the drum loop for the most part.

Slo Breeze ( beat 2 – MC HB ): Beginning with piano patterns, eventually tying into a smooth baseline, and drum loop this beat easily becomes a favorite. Another beat laid down for the laid back artist. Smooth melodic sound patterns drift your mind away in bliss, creating a sad, darkened feeling which is perfect for dark, dreary content.

Out Cast ( beat 3 – FA-Q ): Arabian type ambiance masked in an electronic sound, covered by smooth sound effects. The drum loop on this beat is banging, and the best one laid down on the compilation. Something to get your head nodding, body moving, and your mouth flowing. Idea for the medium paced verse.

Again and Again ( beat 4 – KP ): Abrasive beat, featuring a deep piano pattern, and an impacting drum loop. This beat is idea for the sporadic verse featuring vocals that are unconstrained by restraints, with lots of voice fluctuations.

Record Twist ( beat 5 – Bucket ): Slow paced, alluring beat backed by a light drum loop, and a melodic ambiance.

How Much Is It? ( beat 6 – MC HB ): Electronic beat at its best, this beat comes off as industrial, featuring a highly vibben, head banging drum loop. Electronic sounds smother this beat.

How You See It ( beat 7 – Ryo ): Something to ride too. A highly blissful beat, featuring a deep jazz type groove that allows artists to hang with their lyrics.

The Smoke Clears ( beat 8 – KP ): This beat features an underlying piano loop, that is dominated by a light drum loop which creates the perfect stage for the mellow rhyme slinger.

Woo Woo ( beat 9 – FA-Q ): Another electronic sounding beat, with high base, weird cosmic sounds, and an overpowering drum loop. Definitely a beat to appreciate if you vibe electronic sounds.

All In Da Funk ( beat 10 Al B. Threats ): This beat features the most change ups on the compilation, with one of the most emblazoned sounds of all time ( sampled ). The use of this sample is executed flawlessly to create a timeless classic that fans will enjoy, and artists will appreciate. Sound effects, cuts, and scratches dominate this beat. A “kick you in the rear” type beat gives a definite bounce that will not go unnoticed. Raw intensity comes to mind when listening. Which sample was used? You figure it out.

Diversity is too weak a word when referencing it to this beat compilation; therefore, the element of proof that this is the perfect tool for multi talented, and, or artists world wide. Each, and every artist will find at least one beat on this compilation that they will appreciate, and ride, most likely a lot more than one. This beat compilation is infinitely a valuable tool for artists, and a hype ride for fans.

Additional Information:

Executive Producer: H. B. Barnum

SpeakEasy – Bi Polar, Puzzle Pieces, WasteLands

SpeakEasy is a talented group hailing from New York City, delivering fans some incredibly talented hip hop music that is easily appreciated by the most resistant of fans. Comprised of three members; Paradigm, Rabbi Darkside, & DJ Quiet, the groups focus is targeted at making a huge impact in the hip hop industry, and they certainly achieve their goals with this single, the debut single released on Sitnspin Records.

All three members retain a high degree of established experience in the industry. Deeply rooted, and possessing well-developed skills, the group shatters all doubts with the 12″ release. Incredibly fashioned music perplexes fans through excellently played vocals, stellar beats and production. SpeakEasy best achieves an intensely raw urban sound through their contributions and DJ Quiet’s exceptional work on the tables.

Bi Polar is the records most appreciated joint. Hot vocals performed by Paradigm, and Darkside, who bounce back and forth with some incredible rhymes over a beat that is off the hook with some powerful horns. This track is packed with quotables, hard hitting punchlines, and a sound fans crave. Rabbi Darkside breaks out equally as witty as Paradigm in this top notch track. Puzzle Pieces features Rabbi Darkside’s well laid articulation, style, and delivery which will have fans in a frenzy. Innovative, and creatively intense, Puzzle Pieces is a definite fan favorite. Wastelands showcases incredible talent from all angles. A unique track taking fans through hip hop’s wastelands in proper fashion. There are no disappointments with any of the songs featured on the 12″, everything comes hot, and correct. On the B-Side instrumentals for each of the three songs can be found. Definitely fan appreciated, as all of the beats are off the hook, packing massive impact.

Paradigm, Rabbi Darkside, and DJ Quiet all deliver outstanding contributions to this release, making it a sure shot fan favorite, definitely worthy of the highest fan appreciation. Lyrics, Beats, Production, DJ Techniques are all on point, and perfectly laid in full. There are no disappointments with this stunning release by Sit n Spin Records.

Track Listing:


Bi Polar

Puzzle Pieces



Bi Polar Instrumental

Puzzle Pieces Instrumental

Wastelands Instrumental