Various Artists / Compilation – A Piece Of The Action

“Compilation projects are great, in the sense that they provide listeners with a variety of uniquely styled music to enjoy. The “X” factor in creating an outstanding compilation project is ensuring that the listeners experience is smooth; rather than, awkward, and unpleasant; therefore, its important that all the tracks, no matter how uniquely different, mesh together nicely. A Piece Of The Action serves up a roster of underground hip hop all stars such as Jugga The Bully, Moka Only, Sankofa, Xtracts Of Slang, The Butta Babees, Return to Sender, Themselves, Lexicon, Paradigm, and iCON the MicKing. These artists, for the most part, showcase some great hip hop tracks, and definitely mesh well together. DJ Fisher assembled a great compilation of diverse artists, which mesh well together, and ensure fans are delivered into the center of an enjoyable high.”

A Piece Of The Action is Day by Day Entertainments first compilation album, and if we can expect the same quality if future compilations, fans will be appeased, waiting in anticipation. Day by Day Entertainment certainly delivered fans an album that they want, and if they don’t know it yet, they soon will. Leading off the album is Paradigms politically directed cut “Teribithia”, which gives an inclination that fans are in store for some interesting music. “Teribithia” is one of the compilations less appreciated tracks, mainly because it “challenges” the listeners ease to relate, and the beat backing Paradigms excellent lyrics is harder for everyone to appreciate. Following up Paradigms joint, brings fans “Backwards and Halfway”, which is one of the compilations better cuts, and definitely a sight that fans have some freshness in store. Without mentioning all tracks individually, the rest of the album can be summarized with one word, “dips” or “roller-coaster” – take your pick.

The first true highlight on this album, one would think, would be Jugga The Bully’s contribution in Corrupt, which is track four (4). Jugga The Bully certainly delivers head nodding lyrics, and a uniquely fresh beat, but he does not deliver his best material, nor do fans “gasp” in astonishment from a peaked high. Moka Only, delivering “Worth The Wait” at track five (5), serves up a great joint, but again its not mind spelling, nor Moka’s best performance. Do not mistake, Jugga The Bully and Moka Only definitely delivered great tracks fans will enjoy, but neither is the artists best, and neither stand out as the albums true “highlights”. Instead the albums highlights, and mind spelling performances come from Butta Babees, Department of Rec, Xtracts of Slang, Themselves, Tak, and Return to Sender. Return to Senders cut, “Butterflies”, is the best cut on the album hands down, which not only serves the compilation proud, but also Syntax Records who lent the joint to the compilation. All of the above mentioned “highlight” parties contributed outstanding material to the compilation, proving their true talents with some of their best work. Themselves contribute the albums second most notable cut with “Thems My People”. This joint is a great “spirit lifter” fans not only can relate to, but they will feel, and enjoy with ease.

Other strong points to this album include the wide variety of talented artists featured, the clear credit information, the informative cover art ( fans know what they are getting ), albums flow, listen-ability, the full length, 18 track ( all songs ) roster, and the assortment of great hip hop cuts it serves fans.

The pitfalls on this album are few, because overall Day by Day, and the artists did an outstanding job. There is room for improvement on some of the songs, as mentioned previously; however, there is no song that forces the listener to skip. Besides some of the better known artists not coming with their best material, another surprise is Sankofa’s track, “Stock Footage”, which comes close to being the least appreciated tracks on the album, and being deemed as “filler material”. Sankofa is an incredible emcee, but he fails to prove it in this joint. Another minor downfall is that “A Piece Of The Action” features no less than five previously released tracks; however, some of the previously released tracks featured on the album only seen limited distribution on their other projects. One could also argue that this album will reach a wide variety of fans who have never heard of any of these emcee’s, and will enjoy every track, having never heard any of the featured tracks before. Normally, especially in the majors, songs get over played too much, and played out. In the independent music industry featuring previously released tracks isn’t as fresh as featuring exclusives, but 99 percent of the time it doesn’t matter because the previous project either received limited distribution, or your reaching a large market of new fans that have never heard of the artist, let alone the tracks. The only fear in placing previously released cuts on compilations is hard critiques who believe compilations should feature all exclusive cuts.

Return to Sender, and Themselves give fans two very good reasons to tune into this compilation, and there are many more. A Piece Of The Action is competitively one of fans favorite hip hop compilations for the year, as it features a variety of excellent rhymes, and beats. This 18 track, 73 minute, and 33 second compilation is well worth fans attention. Fans will be satisfied with this full length, enjoyable, loop-worthy listen.

Track Listing:

1. Teribithia (Paradigm)

2. Backwards and Halfway (

3. Insight (Pharaoh MC)

4. Corrupt (Jugga the Bully)

5. Worth the Wait (Moka Only)

6. A-List (Emanon)

7. Gonzoe of Stimulation (Dept. of Rec)

8. What About the Music (mck2 & Shorty Raw)

9. Stock Footage (Sankofa)

10. How Does It Feel (Xtracts of Slang)

11. Raw (SLS)

12. What U Do (4 Zone)

13. Toe To Toe (remix) (Butta Babies)

14. Butterflies (Return to Sender)

15. Rhyminphiqxion (Tak of Styles of Beyond)

16. Them’s My Peoples (Themselves)

17. Keep On Movin’ (Lexicon)

18. The End (iCON the Mic King)

Compilation (Various Artists) – Aberfoyle Springs Compilation Volume 1: Refreshing Underground Flavor

“Aberfoyle Springs Compilation is a project we put together to connect talented hip hop artists with a greater number of fans world wide who crave refreshing underground flavor. DaHipHopPlace.Com put this compilation together, so this review is based on the thoughts of various other reputable sources, & pure facts. Definitely tune in for 80 minutes, 22 tracks, no filler material. Includes hot music from Braille, Celph Titled, Apathy, Mars Ill, Sev Statik, Anonymous Twist, Classified, Storm The Unpredictable, Mcenroe, Rok One, Red Cloud, Mr Tru, Man Of War, Gibraan, DutchMassive, Walkmen, The Committee, Kanser of Interlock, Rugged T’Reign, Toolshed, Vandal, Coleon, Angle, Logic, Tachichi and Gordski ( of The Goods ), Dirt, Tack Fu, DJ Earl-E, and more….. ”

Review Highlights:

– buy Aberfoyle Springs Compilation here

Please take into consideration when reading this review that DaHipHopPlace.Com put together this release.

“The neck snapping beat on “Ridiculous Junk” ushers in the entrance of Red Cloud, Braille, Mr Tru, Man Of War, and Gibraan for a frenzied posse cut. This is straight up illness – each emcee blazes the mic, and the beat is just bananas. Special props to Gibraan who comes through with an early contender for verse of the year.

“Urban Camper” by Vandal caught my attention due to the “Rakim-ness” of the emcee. The beat is a simple but effective composition that serves only to highlight the skills of Vandal on the mic, and I was definitely feeling the cuts on the chorus. Elsewhere, Coleon’s “Squanderin'” with its cinematic feel, and the lively closing instrumental cut “Relaxed” by DJ Earl-E and Tack-Fu also had me reaching for the back button to check ’em out again.

Standout cut on the whole compilation? That award goes to Storm The Unpredictable’s “Darker The Berry”. I don’t even need to say any more, the words speak for themselves…

Go and pick this up.”” – AltRap.Com

“Whew… I’m exhausted. Good underground hip-hop does that to me. 80 minutes of the best shit you’ve never heard.” – AddReviews.Com

“80 minutes, 22 tracks, no filler -unreal!” – Audionet.CC

“AberFoyle Springs is just what the cover says, “Refreshing Underground Flavor.””

“Swindle Entertainment’s Rok 1 opens the album up with fresh, hard-hitting battle lyrics over a beat made by none other than DJ Swindle on Clear The Building. Dutchmassive, Celph Titled, and Walkmen tear up shop on Fallout which sports Illmatic style production by the Rubix Cuban himself, and each MC slam ill lyrics down. The track is truly enjoyable.”

“don’t get the impression that any of the songs are second-rate, because you won’t find any filler tracks. Check out and find out how to get your hands on this. It’s worth the low price.”

– Stylus – RhymeLife.Com

“The compilation features 80 minutes of raw underground hip hop music with more than 30 artists dropping it like it’s hot.”

“features Mars Ill, a talented group that is considered one of the leading Christian hip-hop groups; and Celph Titled, and Apathy, who are two high profile super-stars who deliver nothing less than incredible punch lines.”

“hip-hop fans will not be disappointed with Aberfoyle Springs”

– Larissa Theodore, Buzzemporium.Com

“Vandal wins my award for “best concept” as the Urban Camper”

“Past Out by Classified really got my head nodding”

“This compilation is everything you expect from a hip hop disc and more. There is 80 minutes of music, with no filler material. I’m talking no stupid skits, no MC’s phoning a rhyme in, and no beat loops that get you sick of the beat before the song even starts”

“What I think AberFoyle Springs does best is demonstrate the power Hip Hop can have unified. Artists are weighing in from New York to Iowa to Canada”

“In this world of hip hop buffets where the quality isn’t so good, it’s nice to have the “refreshing underground flavor” of AberFoyle Springs”

– Tom Bombadil, HipHopCongress.Com

“excellent quality – head-nodding beats, creative lyrics and original concepts. The kind of underground Hip-Hop that is hard to find in this era of bling-blingism and iced-out rap music” Fan

“The Aberfoyle Comp is straight! several nice joints” Fan

– buy Aberfoyle Springs Compilation here

Abstract Nature – Abstract Nature

“Abstract Nature is one of those groups most fans may not have yet heard; however, Abstract Nature is one of those groups that most fans will hear if the group continues to refine their skills. Vocally the songs on their self titled album are outstanding in quality, beat wise they deliver some of the time, and in regards to overall production ( sound quality ), they fall short. Fans should pay close attention to Abstract Nature because they do show much potential to flourish along with the progression of time.”

The best cut on their self titled album is the opener, “It’s All Told”, which is one of the best openers an album could feature. This track grabs fans attention and doesn’t let it go until the song is completely finished. Great vocal performances, and a great beat. The next impressive track sparks at number 2, “Doin’Our Thang”. This is a well put together track, featuring a smooth beat, but its repetitive nature slowly tunes fans out. Other notable tracks include “People Talk Shit”.

This album is not virus free, being plagued by its unstable quality, and its misleading cover clearly showing 9 tracks, and the disc only featuring 6, 24 minutes worth of material.

Overall, Abstract Nature has room to grow, but they definitely show potential, and fans can expect more from them in the future if they stay tuned.

Eloy – Advance Promo

Eloy is one of hip hop’s best kept secrets. Exceptionally talented, spitting raw rhymes, over some incredibly live beats Eloy dazzles fans with pure talent. Eloy’s advance promo album is destine to spark a wide interest with many fans craving much more from this talented, underground phenomenon.

Released under Czarcastik Entertainment, Eloy delivers his Advance Promo, which features many highlight tracks that are near perfect in sound quality, production, and vocal content. Featuring professionally crafted music, professional cover art, and packing this promo is well put together to raise interest.

The Advance Promo starts off correct, with a blazingly live song entitled “All You…” which contains high impact vocals, and beats that effortlessly frenzy fans. Eloy spits rhymes near perfect, flawlessly captivating both ears with well written, and performed rhymes. The next song, R.I.P. delivers fans another highlight. Eloy spins heads with a slightly upper paced style, & a catchy chorus boasting subject mater all fans can easily relate. The beat is brilliantly bananas, getting the laziest of crowds moving being a definite club vibe favorite. Gangsta Of Rap is another high impact song, featuring some brilliant cuts, as well as another highlight beat, and equally appeasing rhymes. Las Muchachaz is strictly for the Spanish fans, as Eloy dazzles with rhymes performed in Spanish. Eloy is equally as talented delivering Spanish rhymes, as fans get shook with an incredibly live track. I Wanna Die is another highlight track, with a beat that has fans swinging on the hooks.

The Advance Promo by Eloy is completely filled with exceptional beats, and rhymes. All of the songs featured are high quality, and sure shot fan pleasers. Eloy’s explosively raw lyrics captivate fans with ease. One of Detroit’s finest, Eloy is a talented artists the world should keep both ears glued.

Track Listing:

1. All You…

2. R.I.P.

3. Gangsta Of Rap

4. Las Muchachaz

5. I Wanna Die

J. Greede (The Greede Family) – All About The Music Vol. 1

In the darkest moments of the music fans need to believe that there is something out there, super human lyricists that possesses more skills than imaginable, achieving a stellar level of harmony around each component that connects to create perfection. J. Greede is the genius that forges the masterpiece AAll About the Music Vol. 1″, which is the Greede Families light, pedestal, and signature on the brain. A more perfect album couldn’t be forged. Fourteen gems (tracks) comprise the shine, fifty three minutes, and forty eight seconds of euphoria that easily penetrates and appeases the most resistant of fans. The album features talents such as D. One, Lace Payne, Paris Azelle, Evik, Mr. Right & J.B., OVM, Freshton Flav, Mohogany, El A Kwents, and Mic Burna. All of the tracks are produced by J. Greede, co-produced by Steve G., and Mike S. for J. Greede Productions Inc. All of the tracks recorded and mixed by Nelson “DJ Nyce” Corea. All of these album contributors deserve credit for their exceptional contributions as they all add to the overall excellence of the album. The beats are insanely smoking, the lyrics are as hot as it gets, and the production, and sound quality is phenomenal. “All About The Music Vol. 1″ is a compilation album; however, it steers clear of the common compilation pitfalls and avoids sounding “the same” through every track. The music is diverse enough for each song to be unique, with its own flavor & identity, yet the music on the album flows perfectly from song to song. Nothing ever sounds out of place on the entire album.

The album starts off with “It’s Gow’Down” by D. One. The song is an incredible introduction that serves its purpose well. D. One delivers a wide range of skills that easily appease fans, getting them ready for the explosion of talent they are facing consistently in every song. All of the songs featured on the album are equally as good as their neighboring track, the talent or quality of music never dips for a second; however, like any album there are a few songs that do stand out from the rest. “Leave It To Me” by Paris Azelle feat. Evik, “Follow Me” by D. One, and “Be That Girl” by Mohogany feat. D. One are among the albums standout songs, and most notably sure shot singles.

“All About The Music Vol. 1″ lacks low points, and weak spots. Some critics might suggest that the album could be longer, and free from interludes; however, in the complete package everyone is more than satisfied.

Overall “All About The Music Vol. 1″ is an incredible album that needs to be heard by fans world wide. Bottom line there is no disappointment.

Track Listing:

1. It’s Gow’Down – D. One

2. Leave It To Me – Paris Azelle feat. Evik

3. Piece Of Mind – Lace Payne

4. Demons – Mr. Right & J. B.

5. Jaycee Oh Scratch Interlude

6. Rebels Remix – OVM

7. Follow Me – D. One

8. Discharge – Freshton Flav

9. Evik Interlude

10. Be That Girl – Mohogany feat. D. One

11. Corner Standers – Lace Payne

12. Stage Fright – El * A * Kwents

13. In To The Flow – D. One feat. Mic Burna

14. Outro

Bonus Track – Live Ammo Phone Freestyle

Various Artists / Compilation – All Or Nothing Sound Track

You may have read the review of this album in our ‘external additions’ section of the site. Dove gave you a review that basically explained everything about the background of the CD and who features on it, so this review right here won’t be too long, just my opinion. If you feel I’m not helping at all, go here.

Best way I could describe this album is as a ‘summer album’. The album is a mixture of funky, upbeat, club tracks which’ll get you wishing you could just get up and dance – or “Party On” as Shyan Selah wants you to do on the opening track. And then there’s some slower, more funky grooves like in the track “Goin Craz’za” by The GranDDaDDy. Of course, there are some more serious, deep rooted tracks on the album, which bring a more sombre vibe to the album, such as “Worldly Things” by Iroc, or “Portrait of an Emcee” by Mista Oktober.

The good thing about having a variety of tracks on your album, with a mixture of R&B, hip hop and even funky jazz, is that you are sure to appeal to a heavy amount of listeners. A lot of people will only invest in the albums that they like the artist of, or because they heard it was a ‘phat hip hop album’. Well, this is one of those, but it’s also a good soul album, has tracks you can listen to whilst just chillin at home, or whilst you’re bumpin at a party. I could say that the downside to the album in some places is the heavier tracks. The general flow of the album seems to be this summer vibe, but then there are a couple tracks that completely stand out, and might leave any listener checking their stereo to wonder if they’re still listening to the same album. However, what you must remember is that it is a film soundtrack, and thus will have significance to different scenes in the film, rather than to make a complete and balanced album. Not to say that in the majority of instances the album isn’t balanced though, just a couple of stand out tracks. Lyrically, the album isn’t the deepest album. Some decent emceeing comes out of the album, and it seems BNW Records own Shyan Selah is definetely not one to sleep on. Take ya ass to to get more info on him. My personal favourite track on the album is “Goin Craz’za” by The GranDDaDDy due to its mixture of hip hop, jazz and R&B. A nice track, with a smooth beat, and a funky keyboard sample. Nice bassline too. Other tracks to look out for are ‘Escalades and Navigators’ by Ben Hated, the opening two tracks of the album, and ‘Buried Treasures’ by Mr. Icky and C-BO and Mississippi. All a good mixture of tracks for any listener.

If you’d asked me at the beginning, before I received the CD, what I was expecting from the ‘All or Nothing’ soundtrack, I don’t think I could have guessed the album would be filled with such talented production and so many talented artists pushing what they can out of this compilation. I seriously am impressed though. Brave New World records have definetely found themselves a winner with this soundtrack. If the film is as good as the album, then just tell me when it’s out and where I can go see it.

Track Listing:

1. Party On – Shyan Selah

2. Doin it Live – The Delinquents and Master P

3. Worldly Things – Iroc

4. It ain’t sweet – CoolNutz and Mr. Dogg

5. Escalades and Navigators – Ben Hated

6. Casanova Brown – Trina B

7. Buried Treasures – Mr. Icky and C-BO

8. High Come Down – Twin G

9. Money in the game – Young Draper feat. Eightball

10. ‘Portrait of an Emcee’ – Mista Oktober

11. Going Craz’za – The GranDDaDDy

12. Walking on Water – Black Caesar

13. Low Life – Cheddar

14. If you feel (Shucky Ducky) – TJ feat. Ellen

15. To the Brain – Wojack

16. Callin’ Me – Shyan Selah

Reviewed By Hip Hop Network for DaHipHopPlace.Com

Stu Dent – Altered State

Stu Dent is much more than a student, having mastered the art of microphone dynamics. Through exceptional flow, metaphor, intensity, and real tight conceptual rhymes Stu Dent brings fans into the focal point of classic entertainment that never runs dry. Featuring songs such as Assisted Suicide, which includes a guest appearance by hip hop super talent Soulheir of Mars Ill, Altered State is destine to become a classic fan favorite.

Fans introduced to Altered State quickly realize Stu Dent isn’t a new comer, as his flow is perfectly on point, and his rhymes are lethally conceptual, perfectly pieced together. This leaves fans constantly trying to figure out who this hot lyricist is, and where they’ve heard his voice before. Perhaps nowhere? All that’s clearly evident is that Stu Dent is an incredible lyricist, who’s talent is not easily equaled.

Altered State starts off with an introduction that is well put together, but doesn’t really excite fans. The intro more or less sets a stage that does achieve the effect of drawing a luke warm anticipation. The introduction cuts out in a few sections, and fans are exposed to the first piece of vocal musical value on the album, “Missing Time”. On this smooth, relaxing joint Stu Dent unleashes a penetrating assortment of finely intertwined rhyme lines that dazzle fans in awe. It’s at this point fans take a deep listen.

With special guests like Soulheir of Mars Ill, JB, Dezignator, Macho, Sage, Capture One, Kaboose, The Ordinary Oddball, and Ajax the album has some strong vocal support. The best verses featured on Altered State, contributed by guests, are served up by Soulheir, and Sage. Producers including JB, Cyclone, and Mr Rictor also contributed greatly to the successful production of Altered State. The production team came together perfectly, all complimenting one another well. Fans should especially note JB’s talent, as he produced the large majority of songs on the album ( all but 2 ). Stu Dents vocals ride the beats in harmony and fans are entertained through-out.

The most appreciated tracks featured on Altered State include “We Don’t Want That” ( featuring JB, Soulheir ), “Alone” ( featuring Sage ), and “The Messenger”. Although all of the songs on the album are exceptionally tight, these are the top 3 stand outs.

The least appreciated aspects of this album are its “missing” track listing numbers on the back of the CD jacket that annoys fans who have to count down tracks to reach their song of choice, the intro which fans never really appreciate for artistic expression, and the skits which simply break up the flow of the album. Intro’s and skits rarely contribute positively to an album, and most commonly end up annoying fans on replay.

Stu Dent’s strongest feature is his ability to intertwine conceptual thoughts, and tight rhymes, seemingly with very little effort. Stu Dent is a Christian Hip Hop artist, who’s rhymes are positive, deep, and entertaining. Fans need to tune in, because Stu Dent is the “Messenger” of some incredible Hip Hop music fans do not want to miss out on.

Track Listing:

1. Intro

2. Missing Time

3. We Don’t Want That feat. JB, Soulheir

4. Dead Decay Shun feat. Dezignator

5. Phyzical Mental

6. The Coliseum feat. Macho

7. Assisted Suicide feat. Soulheir

8. Ds5 News (skit)

9. Say Again

10. Alone feat. Sage

11. Fast Lane feat. Capture One

12. M.O.G. (skit)

13. The Messenger

14. A Warrior’s Existence feat. Kaboose

15. Born Invisible

16. Skitzofriendamine feat. The Ordinary Oddball

17. Simply Put feat. Drastic, Capture One

18. Symphonic Precision feat. JB

19. Time’s Process

20. Banger feat. Ajax

Jake Lefco – And You Are?

Jake Lefco rhymes with harmonious eloquence and unstoppable, intense flow. “And You Are?” is an incredible album featuring fourteen hip hop tracks that will leave jaws dropped in amazement. The hip hop beats are abrasively entertaining and the rhymes strike hard. “And You Are?” is a fun, conceptual album locked down by rhymes that express realness and life subject matter that fans can relate with. This is a hip hop album fans need to recognize. Fans are asking who Jake Lefco is and he’s asking who you are. “And You Are?” does a brilliant job conveying the essence of who Jake Lefco is and Jake Lefco is one amazing artist. From the first song featured on the album fans realize Jake Lefco is for real and he has skills. His rhymes are always on point, his punch lines are witty, his rhymes have substance, his beats hit hard, his flow are everlasting and he is purely entertaining. When Jake Lefco rhymes fans feel the music and do not get the impression he’s reading of the page. Fans get an animated picture of someone with an amazing flow spitting witty lyrics effortlessly on point.

The best tracks featured on the album are “Nasty N Nice”, “Headphones”, and “Let It Ride”. All of the tracks are top quality and exceptional. There is not one lackluster track featured on this release. In most of the tracks Jake Lefco’s creativity shines through like the sun on a clear day. For example, on “Headphones” he spits some fun, creative lyrics regarding relationships & women over a beat that packs a nostalgic feel (groovy 70’s). This is sure to be a fan favorite. The cuts on the tracks are real nice and smooth.

The lyrical content contains references and punch lines that will make fans bust. Jake Lefco does a fantastic job at keeping fans drawn into his music. He has appeal and comes across as a comedian at times, but a comedian with a message.

Through-out the album there are some random cuts at the beginning of songs featuring people chatting about being Jake Lefco. It’s evident these random cuts have been added to the album to contribute to the overall theme of the release; however, they end up drowning out the listening experience, especially on the second or third listen. They act as a hindrance to the music and they definitely break up the flow.

Guest appearances include Reef the Lost Cauze and Scandal. These artists contribute to the album positively. The album artwork is well put together and respect on the Jake Lefco logo goes to the man himself. The photography is nice and the design is very appealing making sure the album is well presented. The production, for the most part, is by Happ G with the odd contribution from Snuff and Greg Smith. Happ G is amazing on the production tip and deserves a massive amount of recognition for his exceptionally tight production. Snuff handles the production tip lovely as well.

Overall this album is one fans need to add to their collection. This might be a release fans did not anticipate becoming one of the best, most impressive albums in their collection, but it surely will be once they get it. This is recommended listening.

Track Listing:

01 And You Are?

02 Be A Man

03 Nasty N Nice

04 Wake Up Call

05 Landslide

06 Get Pleasant

07 Wonder Years

08 Rush Hour

09 Everybody Breathin

10 Classic Material

11 System Down

12 Keep An Eye Out remix

13 Headphone

14 Let It Ride

Ke$ha – Animal

Animal by Ke$ha is a high energy release that is sure to have fans hopping like Frogger. Whether it’s “Tik Tok”, “Blah Blah Blah” or “Hungover” the hot, intense music is sure to make its presence felt. The best tracks featured on Animal are “TiK ToK”, “Take it Off”, “Hungover”, “Your Love Is My Drug” and “Blah Blah Blah”. All of these tracks are sure to make fans move. Ke$ha injects emotion, rhythm, intensity and energy into her music. Ke$ha’s hard hitting, fresh attitude is strongly imprinted in each song she delivers on Animal. Animal features music that is easy to relate to, has mass market club appeal, is fun to listen to and promotes having fun. Whether you’re driving to the beach, at home doing cleaning, or having drinks in yard with your peoples this album adds the perfect seasoning to enjoyment.

Animal is a hot release that will get fans open. Ke$ha delivers and successfully demonstrates that her appeal goes far beyond her super sexy skin.

De La Soul – AOI

Well, De La Soul are probably one of the most well known and respected hip hop groups around, consisting of the three emcees Posdnuos, Maseo and Dave. They’ve been around since back in ’89 with their first album ‘Three Feet High and Rising’, which included the old time classic tune ‘Me, Myself and I’. There have been few groups that have reached the legendary status of De La, and so the return of the trio has been welcomed by all. They’ve been away for like 4 years, after their last album ‘Stakes Is High’ dropped less smooth beats reminiscent of ‘Three Feet…’ but more hard beats like their second album ‘De La Soul Is Dead’. They seemed to have gone through a transition over time. ‘Three Feet’ and their third album, ‘Buhloone Mind State’, dropped nice smooth, groovy beats. ‘De La Soul is Dead’ and ‘Stakes Is High’, however, showed a versatile De La in that they dropped harder beats, stayin’ true to themselves in that they weren’t gonna slide along with the rapidly commercialising gangsta rap. 1989 – ‘Three Feet and Rising’ brought us the first De La Soul album. ‘Me, Myself and I’ may be one of the most well known tracks of all time.

1991 – ‘De La Soul is Dead” brought a bit of a harder side to De La. Still tight, and still Soulful though.

Whilst not exactly bringing us the more ‘giggly’ beats and lyrics of ‘Three Feet’, De La are still representin’ a more subtle style of rap. They’re not talkin’ about guns and women, they’re just talkin’ about situations, experiences, and lyrical style. This is a fresh break from all the commercial rap that’s out at the moment. There’s not a bad song on the album, it’s the kind you’d just want to put on and listen to all the way through. This can be turned around though, to say that there’s not a stand out track on the album. But this whole album stands out, so it’s ok. There’s been a couple of chart tracks on this album, namely ‘All Good?’ and ‘OOOH’. The two tracks here feature Chaka Khan and Redman respectively, but the album as a whole features such peeps as Busta Rhymes, Xzibit and a couple of the Beastie Boys (to name a few). As such, there’s nothing about this album I can complain about, and the ‘ghostweed’ skits are some of the funniest and most lyrically sound freestyles I’ve heard in quite a while. 1993 – ‘Buhloone Mind State’ brought us back to the more groovy side of De La. It was definetely more mature, but it was still the same kind of style.

1996 – ‘Stakes is High’ brought us a style reminiscent of ‘De La is Dead’ in that its beats were harder (take the title track for example).

So what’s wrong with AOI: Mosaic Thump? Well… not a lot really. De La has always been able to bring fresh beats, and tight lyrics. It’s definetely something different to what we’ve been forced to listen to recently here at HHN, and I definetely can’t winge about how they’re talkin too commercial, cuz they’re pretty much the opposite. All the tracks are good, but the fact that there aren’t any that really just pop out at me and say ‘this is an amazing tune’ (cuz they all do) either suggests to me that this is one of the best albums of 2000, or that there should have been one such tune. Damn good, and definetely nothing wrong with it. Good job by the De La Soul trio! 2000 – De La Soul have now matured into classic hip hoppers, who drop an album worthy of all godly praise (ok, well maybe not godly). Damn….. it’s All Good!

Reviewed By Hip Hop Network for DaHipHopPlace.Com