Mr.Kill​Switch Takes a New Approach

Mr.Kill​Switch ReviewMr.Kill​Switch will surprise you with his rap subject matter. I think every person can attest that “Failure” is one of the most realistic outlooks on life. Who hasn’t felt like every turn they take is wrong? Kudos to Mr.Kill​Switch for writing this truly universal track. It’ll be hard to top that one – it’s truly a great track for anyone, no matter what genre you like. Moving on…”Who Do You Love” has a lot going on. Lyrically it is all over the place and hard to follow. “Money Baby” is a lot easier to take hold of. It’s simple and to the point. Baby Dee hops on “Believe Me,” and they bring a good flow and work well together to make their joint pop in an easygoing way. “Where I Go From Here” is a little hype in the content, but it’s all good. To round things out, we get another great track “A Nobody.” What’s interesting is that this isn’t a subject that’s usually displayed in hip hop. Usually rappers are very bold to display how great they are, not their faults. It’s refreshing and makes Mr.Kill​Switch more human to listeners. If you want someone who keeps it real on a new level check out Mr.Kill​Switch. (

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