Illinois dentist offers vinyl-record listening to patients


A go to to the dentist sometimes is not very pleasing to the ear. There’s the high-pitched whine of the dreaded dental drill, the glottal crackle of suctioned saliva, maybe some bland elevator music on a staticky radio.

But Dr. Dan Rangitsch believes high-quality audio could make the expertise of going to the dentist that rather more bearable.

Rangitsch, proprietor and operator of Aspen Dental in Marion, started amassing vinyl data a few yr and a half in the past. His follow is outfitted with a turntable, audio system and a subwoofer, and patients can peruse his assorted assortment of LPs to determine what they’d like to hear whereas their tooth are being cleaned.

“I don’t enjoy having my teeth worked on, and the sounds of it. So I try to make it as comfortable as possible,” Rangitsch stated.

Rangitsch stated he used nitrous oxide — generally referred to as laughing fuel — as a sedative agent at a earlier follow, however he shied away from it when he purchased the Aspen Dental workplace in October 2015.

“I don’t like the variety of the way it reacts with some people and how it’s minimal with others,” he stated. “So we don’t have it here. I just try my best to be as nice as I can to patients.”

Inviting patients to select their favourite music helps put them comfy, Rangitsch stated.

His personal musical tastes typically aren’t all that work-friendly.

“It’s kind of embarrassing, but I love gangsta rap music,” Rangitsch stated. “I love the feel of the bass . I grew up in Montana, and country music was just everywhere. I just felt like I never fit in with country music.”

But he is prepared to compromise on that entrance — his employees loves nation music, as well as to pop artists like Justin Bieber.

“The funny thing is that he’s trying to appease his staff all the time,” stated Joe’s Records co-owner Josh Stockinger, who helped Rangitsch construct his report assortment. “They’re into a lot more mainstream pop music, so he’ll come in and he’ll look for records that I know he in a million years would never buy.”

Stockinger can also be one in every of Rangitsch’s patients.

“I’ve been going to the dentist my whole life, and I’ve never had one who was as into music as I am,” Stockinger stated. “. When I go in there, he lets me look through his collection, I get to pick what I want to listen to, and sometimes we’ll listen to something rockin’, like a Neil Young live record, or other times we’ll play something mellow, and it just makes the whole experience a lot more fun and more unique.”

Stockinger tries to assist Rangitsch discover data that may have broad attraction — music that is not too offensive, but in addition is not too boring.

“Everybody has different tastes in music, so that’s kind of the hard part — just trying to figure out what everybody will like, and what’s kind of neutral but not just miserable background music,” Rangitsch stated.

His assortment options albums by bands such because the Alabama Shakes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Nirvana, Steely Dan, the Beatles and extra.

“At the end of the day, if we’ve had a really long, rough day, with tons of patients and things not going as well as we’d hoped, and the staff’s just kind of burned out, sometimes we’ll just put on whatever they want and crank it up really loud and turn the sub up. It’s just kind of a way of relaxing, to kind of let some frustrations go,” Rangitsch stated.

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