Hip Hop’s Next Greatest: Crackz​The​Mc

Crackz​The​Mc ReviewCrackz​The​Mc is the real deal and that’s not up for debate. When you’re an artist, you want to come out strong and that’s exactly what’s going on with “Freedom.” It hits you in the best way and makes your interest in this artist grow. It’s one of those songs that really never quits. What it will remind hip hop fans of is music from the late ‘90s. It has aggression but can still be expressed in the mainstream. That precision continues on with “Hard Life.” Crackz​The​Mc can’t make a mistake at this point and we’re only two tracks deep. That’s a clear cut sign that this isn’t an artist you dismiss. We calm down a bit with “The Chemist” but lyrically things are still on point, while “Stuck” is anything but. One would think “Oblivian” would be this harsh track, but it’s actually not as abrupt as expected. The pace “Underground Toxic” comes through is odd compared to the rest, but it still works and as we wind down our time with Crackz​The​Mc “The Message” closes us out with a bit of sentiment. If you’re in the market for hip hop’s next big thing, check out Crackz​The​Mc. (https://soundcloud.com/crackzthemc)

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