FranC Grime$ Proves to be the Boss

FranC Grime$ ReviewFranC Grime$ is an emcee from Southern California that represents the west coast well. We first get introduced to this new emcee with a cover of Big Sean’s “Hip Hop Beware.” He takes this song on as his own and it makes you forget that it was ever Ariana Grande’s ex’s in the first place. In “Dope Verse at Riverside, CA” he comes at you with a swift attack. There’s no wiggle room as these lines are tight and right. Lastly, “B.O.S.S. Mix 1” takes us to a new side of FranC Grime$. In this one a mumbled man intros and then the main man comes in with a chilled mentality. We started with a well-done cover, went into a track that really showcases the best of what he can do and end on a relaxed note. If you’re a fan of artists like Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean, check out FranC Grime$ now. (

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