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Yarbrough Is a Raw Artist

Yarbrough Is a Raw Artist Yarbrough is a young MC who rocks and knows so. “No Haters” sounds like a song that friends got together and did during a lunch period. The sound is raw and if you’re into that check it out. “No Cowboy Hat or Boots” shouts out Texas and is about Yarbrough being proud of where he hails from even though he doesn’t fit the prototype of the style there. “All Me Off the Head” starts off weird and kind of spooky, like someone random rambling and it sounds like it could’ve been a scene from “Leprechaun in the Hood.” If they ever make another urban set horror movie, I suggest this track from. Yarbrough. “We Gone Rock” sounds distant, but the message is loud and clear — they aren’t going to stop. They’re going to rock. The music of Yarbrough sounds raw and could use some cleaning up around the edges. If you’re into artists who keep it natural, check out Yarbrough. (

Isaac Ransom Warrens Brings It Hard

Isaac Ransom Warrens Brings It HardIsaac Ransom Warrens is a Bay area rapper who never holds back. “Pour Your Drink” is a song meant for a party atmosphere thanks to its great hooks, lines and sinkers. Warrens proves that he’s here to stay with the very confident “Run The Game.” Then he gets a little futuristic in “Makes Me Go.” The music sounds like something The Terminator would listen to is he yearned for some hip hop once in awhile. “At My Finest” shouts out Lauryn Hill’s “la la las” and goes hard while retaining this really cool vibe. It may be Isaac Ransom Warrens’ finest. Although “But That Life” goes as hard and might be a contender for “best of” from this MC. If you’re into rappers who can bring it with a force, check out Isaac Ransom Warrens. (

J2E Makes Nice Guys Finish First

J2E Makes Nice Guys Finish FirstJ2E has been laying down beats and rhymes for almost a decade and it’s about time you all take notice. “Lay You Down” gives you a intimate look inside the mind of J2E. It’s a little explicit, but has its moments of romance. “Go” is about going places no one else have ever gone adn that’s a big statement to make for any artist. If he has that much belief in him, that makes listeners want to back him as well. Whitney Peyton accompanies J2E on “Like a Monster.” Usually when rappers bring on another voice that happens to be female, they sing some R&B hook. That’s not the case here. Whitney brings her a-game to the table and raps up a storm on this one. “Why Should I?” kind of has this comical feel to the beat, but the rhymes keep things grounded. They might always finish last in the real world bit J2E proves the “Nice Guy” can come out on top with this one. If you’re looking for a hip hop artist who has the talent to make it, check out J2E. (

2Kool The Boss Pays Respect

2Kool The Boss Pays Respect2Kool The Boss is taking Arkansas by storm and soon the world will be under his spell too. “Now and Later” featuring Vickey Vay is a song that you might mistake for a clean cut song about a delicious candy treat. It’s not…Think about it. It’s a song for the freaks that populate the bedroom. Keep that in mind. “High Definition” is about a girl being in HD. It’s actually the first time I’ve heard this comparison, so it’s not going to be surprising when it catches on and becomes a common place pick-up line. The song is good enough to get that done. The production is amazing for an indie artist. “Mr. Obama” starts with a speech from the leader of the free world, followed by applause and then goes into a song that’s a hip hop homage to the president. It feels a little weird to follow up a song about Obama with one titled “Real Niggas Do Die,” but we couldn’t let this one go. It’s a real and honest outlook on life and is not to be ignored. The hook on it will grab you hard. If you’re on to hip hop that’s on point and doesn’t miss a beat, check out. (

Furillo Star Makes You Fall Hard

Furillo Star Makes You Fall HardFurillo Star will make you a fan in an instant with his mixture of a trio of undeniable styles. “Swag On” has a beat that won’t quit. If you like music that comes from Chris Brown, then you’ll like this one that is hip hop but also can crossover into the Top 40 mainstream area. Falon helps out on “Stranger” and while not as strong as “Swag On,” it showcases his voice more. But as a whole package, it’s going to be hard for me to like another as much as I’ve come to like “Swag On.” “Dancin’ On Me” does a good job, as it’s made with the same type of music in mind; that mainstream pop/R&B feel. “Jump” throws it back old school and samples the Kris Kross classic, while “Crazy” sends you deeper into a world that is all about Furillo Star. If you like music that’s a mixture of pop, rap and R&B, then Furillo Star is your new favorite. (

Turnt Up Brings Gifted Friends Along

Turnt Up Brings Gifted Friends AlongTurnt Up is a rapper who has a grasp on the rap game and continues to do so. “The Migos” is about what he’s all about like his name and what he’s about to do in this rap game. “Levels” slows it down and then turns it up a lot with the help of Killa K and Scrait. “Throw That Thank Back” gets some help from G Black and is one of those songs that have a future in being part of a dance craze. You can see the moves already of people throwing things back. He also shouts out Uncle Jesse from “Full House.” That’s reason enough to love this one. “On The Bench” is where no player wants to be and Turnt Up goes hard in this one to deliver his best. If you’re into rap that’s got essential elements of what you love about the genre, check out Turnt Up. (

YaBoi Eljay Vet Sound

YaBoi Eljay Vet SoundYaBoi Eljay has a Bay area hip hop style and it shows. “Time To Shine” states it loud and clear for listeners to recognize. YaBoi Eljay is here to do what he does best and he’s not going to sit in the back and let others get in his way. His approach to hip hop would fit somewhere between mainstream and the college scene. “Something about Kari” definitely sounds more mainstream and takes its beat from the 70’s and you can’t help but see a summer scene from the movie “Crooklyn” during better times. YaBoi Eljay samples “Dream On” and it turns out so well that you’ll have this version in your head after one listen. Ressie Pecie joins Eljay for “My Best Friend.” Is this a case of the tragic “friendzone?” It seems like they are more than friends though. YaBoi Eljay returns to the club atmosphere with his music with “Get That Money.” He should stick to the skill set heard in “Something about Kari” and “Dream On.” Those were his stronger points. YaBoi Eljay is still a young guy and at 20 he already sounds like a vet. Don’t believe me? Check him out for yourself. (

TK Splits It Up

TK Splits It UpTK is a hip hop artist from Cheektowaga, New York who can be three different people. “Chillin” is about haters and how they’re judging when he’s just trying to hang out and chill. That song is what else, chill. The energy is lacking, but that’s not the case with “Fresh on Everythin.'” That one is a bit more zealous with a shout out to the female anatomy and fast lines. “Get On The Floor” has a pace that reminds me of Eminem’s first album. All three songs have a different personality and showcase multiple sides of TK. He can be that laid back MC, the manic one and the more storyteller kind of guy. If you’re into hip hop that’s able to fit your mood, check out TK. (

Get Gabby Goes There

Get Gabby Goes ThereGet Gabby is a female MC who goes there with her lyrics and brings it with the beats. “World Class Chics” is about being the HBIC when you go out. You know, when you head out to the club and bottle service is just a natural occurrence for you? Not all of us can relate but it’s nice to know those ladies out there who can finally have a song to call their anthem. “Aight” has a sick beat that can’t be touched, and lyrics that are out for the kill. “Get On Top” starts a little sweeter than the rest and continues to be so the whole way through. That’s not the case with “One Night Stand” though. Get Gabby can be a good girl and she can also be a little naughty. “Straight Cash Homey” actually might be her strongest performance of all her work. The flow, the beat — everything was at the top of their game and brought it. If you’re into hip hop told from the female perspective…Check out Get Gabby. (

Fresco Fay And His Pure Skills

Fresco FayFresco Fay is a pure talent that doesn’t have to be over the top to make it to the top. “Beat- I Knew” has downbeat that has this doomsday vibe to it. It’s like a club in “The Walking Dead” or something. “Before Peace” is a hip hop song that Fay put his touches on as the producer. The words come strong, but the music is soft and trickles in. “Keep It Real” sounds like a harder version of a neo-soul song with a hip hop mask on it. The music really helps this one take a step to the left when compared to the others from Fresco Fay. That same feel comes through strong in “Dreamer” as well and it’s here that you get a good grasp on what Fresco Fay is all about. Things never cross over into hood or street rap style, Fresco Fay keeps it real the entire time and never really tries too hard to be cool, it just it. If you’re into hip hop that doesn’t have to be overzealous and relies on talent, check out Fresco Fay. (