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Montaz Reps Philly Down South with a Pair of Solid Mixtapes

Da Underground and Behind Enemy Lines Out Now


Suwanee, Georgia – July 16, 2019 – While he may live in the south now, Montaz comes through with a sound that represents not only his Philly roots but his wide array of influences growing up from Big L to Smooth Da Hustle to Wutang to Eminem. All of that and then some went into making not one, but two new mixtapes available now; Da Underground and Behind Enemy Lines.

Da Underground and Behind Enemy Lines boast confidence and charisma on a cascade of tracks that showcase exactly the type of emcee Montaz is. Songs like “Fuck Ya’ll” and “Fuck Everyone” off Da Underground reflect Montaz’s anguish while Behind Enemy Lines“Bandwagon” and “Lyrical Exhibition” explore his way with words and artistry.

A fan of hip hop since he was in diapers, Montaz grew up loving the genre more than anything. As he moved from one side of Philly to another and eventually down to Georgia, hip hop was always his way of escaping reality when times got tough. At 19 he finally decided that instead of just taking it in, he’d create his own with hopes that one day his music would be the solace of another.

Montaz is currently busy promoting Da Underground and Behind Enemy Lines, while simultaneously working on his debut, D.A.M.N., which features the lead single “Horror English.” Those interested in adding Montaz’s music to their playlists, reviewing it for their site, or interviewing him can reach out via the information provided below.


Montaz is a Philly born emcee who now resides down south. To date, he has two newly released mixtapes and has his debut album on the way.

Lamonte Harvey

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6est7 – 6ROKEN

“Music makes me happy!! Like I don’t know what it is about it but it makes me move. I just love a great song and awesome vibes” – 6est7 

The inspiration for 6est7 ‘s new album “6ROKEN” has to do with everything and everybody around him. If you are a fan of legendary musicians such as The Weeknd, Drake and others like them, this album is a must have for your Hip-Hop collection. The vibes he gives off is nothing like what I hear today.

“For some reason music allows me to say what I want but just with a beat behind it!”, says 6est7. He views this album as the avenue that gives him the freedom to express what he really wants. Those of us who are working all day from 7-7 and have to keep a closed mouth (no profanity) can surely relate.

In case you were wondering about the artist’s unique name… It is actually his last name which is “Best”. He turned the “B” in best to a “6” and added “7” at the end. “Everything I do I just gotta do it different or if not different… special.”

Buy the album 6ROKEN here or connect with @6est7 on Instagram.



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Electronics Joins Piano Songs to Create a New Side of Music Stories

Where Night Never Comes, winner of “2018 Best Album Overall,” Gets Remixed by Olivia Belli herself on April 26, 2019

Italy – March 18, 2019 – Olivia Belli’s 2018 debut album is getting a makeover with the release of a six-song EP entitled Where Night Never Comes REMIXES on April 26, 2019.
Over five million streams and counting, Olivia Belli is one of the most promising Italian pianist and composer in music today. Her debut full album Where Night Never Comes was released in October 2018: 16 original tracks of pure delight for fans of Ludovico Einaudi, Philip Glass and Max Richter. Her 2018 release found great success atop the Modern Classical Chart on Reverbnation, and was named the 2018‘s Best Album Overall.
Now Olivia Belli is taking things up a notch by releasing a companion album of remixes: Where Night Never Comes REMIXES celebrates and elevates what Olivia Belli did with her last release by showcasing a new side of the music.

“The story behind the songs found on REMIXES are almost the same that inspired my debut album but using an intensive electronics (not so common in my genre of a modern piano song composer) I manage to make it more vivid. It is as I wrote a screenplay for each track. My main goal with Remixes was to be a musical storyteller: to make the movie scene enter in the music and not the music become a soundtrack.”

In the past two years, Olivia’s tracks have been chosen for the Starbucks, Spotify and Digster Official Playlist while others have been broadcasted by Classic FM, Radio France, Cincinnati FM.
She has also been featured in Piano and Coffee, YesnoMusic, Drifting Almost Falling, Composer Tool Box, Gezeitenstrom Musik Magazin; interviewed by Meet The Artist, Particular Sounds, Music Musing and Such; broadcasted on ODEON TV, SKY and RAI.
Breathing new life into her own work, Olivia Belli is sure to impress all over again with the release REMIXES.

Those interested in reviewing her release, featuring Olivia Belli on their site, podcast, or show, or are interested in interviewing her can reach out via the information provided below.

Where Night Never Comes REMIXES
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Booty Call the Album: the exploits of rushon and bunz

BOOTY CALL, THE ALBUM: The Exploits of Rushon & Bunz

Here lies a mixtape that was released by SUMO (Jacob Pnake & Malcolm) in 2017. The self produced project was an atmoshpere of its own in which the listener was thrust into an audibly pleasing arena. The only regret that came with dropping this mixtape was naivety. SUMO had no experience with marketing and promotion. a whole summer creating something that could possibly be critically acclaimed only to find years later that they did not go about it correctly. This time around however, SUMO understands that patience is a virtue and if you believe in something, you might end up pushing it for years. The first song titled Utangulizi (south african dialect for “introductory”) finds the SUMO boys ranting about why they hate summer. At first the subject matter seems a bit kiddish in a way because it deviates from conventional subject matter, but the way the production meshes perfectly with the vocals create a listening experience that resonates very well with the listeners.




Vibrant Electrifying EP // Critically Acclaimed Artist

Singapore born, Sydney based artist, St. Humain releases new EP entitled EMOTIONAL SAUNA. The release is a fusion of contemporary modern soundscapes with urban elements.
Having garnered acclaim from the likes of Billboard, Paste, Live Nation’s Ones To Watch and Earmilk, St. Humain is set for an exciting 2019. EMOTIONAL SAUNA is distributed by Listen For Pleasure / Capitol Records (USA).  St. Humain has garnered over a million streams thus far garnering placements in numerous playlists including Apple Music’s “Best of the Week” and Spotify’s “Pop For Life”.

St. Humain is known for his vibrant genre-bursting music. Mesmerizing audiences across the globe with his authentic lyricism, stunning electronic soundscapes and slick urban melodies, St. Humain’s songwriting is a true expression of emotion. Through his imaginative and innovative delivery the singer, songwriter and producer illustrates his impressive musicality. St. Humain reveals, “The goal of my music is to make your life better. If my songs don’t mean anything to you and cannot relate to you in any way then I find it sorta useless.“

Fresh off a slew of singles to global attention, Singapore born, Sydney based artist St. Humain’s debut EP EMOTIONAL SAUNA is now here – a collection of seven tracks summing up to be an eclectic “first-look” body of work distributed by Listen For Pleasure / Capitol Records (USA).

Human emotions can be a haze sometimes and St. Humain daringly dives into them headfirst. With the EP comes the brand new ‘If I’m Honest’, a reflection on the pains of battling with one’s demons. “It’s a confession that truth be told, I’m really a shitty person in need of some true love to pull me out of the deep”, he explains, “I’m sure we can all relate”. Atop its dramatic production lies a confession of our common fragility, featuring stunningly raw vocals, passionate lyrics and shimmering layered harmonies.

St. Humain reflects on relationships from varying points of the spectrum with the songs ‘The Thought of You’ and ‘Fever Vibe’. His wild imagination is further showcased on an almost sacrilegious reboot of John Mayer’s ‘Gravity’. EMOTIONAL SAUNA also includes St. Humain’s debut ‘Make a Move’, a house­pop banger highlighting ethereal dreamlike synths and free-flowing electronic beats which all builds into an adrenaline-filled climatic chorus.

Beyond the sounds, we soon discover a songwriter whose stories are bursting at the seams of the songs that the world is currently uncovering – stories of steamy excitement, dark lows and everything in between. Between heaven and hell… Is an EMOTIONAL SAUNA.

St. Humain’s successes to date include garnering over a million independent streams, receiving placements in numerous official Spotify and Apple Music playlists, as well as being featured in such prestigious publications as Billboard, EARMILK, Live Nation’s Ones To Watch, The 405  and Paste Magazine. The debut EP EMOTIONAL SAUNA is out now.

Facebook: St. Humain
Instagram: @sthumain
Twitter: @sthumain